This tragic story will stop you from ever mom-shaming again

Seriously, go hug your kid right now and hold them tight.

Photo: Ashley Grimm via Facebook Photo: Ashley Grimm via Facebook

It's every parent's worst nightmare: having to bury your child. But that's just what happened to mother of eight Ashley Grimm, whose viral Facebook post about the incident is horrifyingly tragic. Trust us when we say you will not be the same again after reading it.

Grimm's four-year-old son, Titus, never liked to wear his car seat's seat belt because he wanted to be just like a superhero. Ashley tried everything (including zip ties!), but her little one still broke free often.

While driving her van with five of her kids one day, a large rock rolled into her lane. She swerved and smashed into the side of a cliff. Her son, who had once again unbuckled himself without Grimm realizing it, died instantly.

"Our lives were instantly ripped apart," writes Grimm in her heartbreaking description of the accident. "The little boy who had been my pride and joy was cruelly taken from me in a matter of seconds."

All her other children were sent by ambulance for treatment. But Grimm refused to be looked at by paramedics until she could spend some time holding her dead son. Her only comfort was that he had felt no pain.

Sadly, the immeasurable pain in Grimm's life was only heightened when she saw reaction to the accident, days later, on social media. The comments on the reports were filled with cruel mom-shaming remarks, including that she deserved this because her son wasn't properly buckled, and that she was a horrible mom. But this mom adored her son. They had a McDonald's date each week and he even said he wanted to marry her. Grimm buried her son in a superhero suit and then "contemplated jumping from the cliff the cemetery overlooks" just to be with him. No one can say she didn't love him.


The point she desperately wants to get across in her post (which is seriously a must-read) is that moms should just love their children and stop judging each other. Don't stress over the little things like eating veggies; play with your kids, hug and kiss them, tell them you love them and just slow down and cherish your time together. But most importantly: "Never judge another mama. We don't know the whole story, we don't know. We just don't know."

If that doesn't making you want to go hug your little one, I don't know what will.

This article was originally published on Jul 20, 2016

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