While everyone was mom-shaming Chrissy Teigen, they forgot about John Legend

The famous singer adorably defends his wife by saying if you're going to shame Chrissy, you should at least split the blame.

Photo: @johnlegend via Instagram Photo: @johnlegend via Instagram

Everyone knows and loves Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, especially since they recently became a gorgeous family of three with the birth of baby girl Luna on April 14. We love how refreshingly open Chrissy is in sharing about their infertility struggles and some of the TMI realities of childbirth and postpartum recovery. However, a week or so after Luna's arrival, the couple took a night alone to have dinner out at a restaurant, sans baby, and Chrissy was immediately attacked for not being with her newborn. Of course, Chrissy responded in her usual, hilarious fashion and called them out.

Commenters had speculated that she must not be breastfeeding (judging from her outfit, and the baby-less outing). Or that she clearly doesn't care about bonding with her daughter. "Who wants to leave a one-week-old baby to go to a bar?" one person wrote. "She just had a baby, [so] stay home." The tsk-tskers wondered how she wasn't in pain so soon after giving birth, and concluded that she obviously must have switched to formula. 

One major point lost in all of the frenzy was the fact that Chrissy—not new dad John, who had also left his newborn that night—was taking all of the criticism. On Wednesday he pointed out the imbalance, and we love him for it:


He's so right. If you're going to point fingers (which you shouldn't) why not dad-shame John? It's completely sexist to single out Chrissy. And why is it that the expectations are so much lower for dads, and that all the judgment is automatically lobbed toward mothers? Fathers who tote their babies to the grocery store are often praised by strangers for being such good parents, whereas moms who run errands with their kids in tow is totally business as usual. It's expected. Where's the love for moms and all they do, every day (and night)? To make matters worse, it's often moms criticizing fellow moms. Thank goodness Chrissy Teigen has thick skin and knows how to handle herself when it comes to online haters.

Photo: @chrissyteigen via Instagram Photo: @chrissyteigen via Instagram

Regardless of their date-night choices, these two are clearly loving every second of being new parents, and are proudly sharing lots of adorable pics. Does this look like a mother who doesn't love her child? I think not.

This article was originally published on May 13, 2016

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