So many things are happening in this chaotic car birth video

First of all, the driver didn't pull over to the side of the road or even a parking lot. Yep, this mom gave birth while the car was still moving.

Lots of babies are born in cars, but this video has to be the most intense and chaotic one we’ve seen yet.

Texas mom Alexis Swinney was on her way to the hospital when she gave birth to her fifth child in the passenger seat of the family vehicle. She posted the video of her delivery on her family’s Instagram, and there is so much to unpack.

Take a look (but be warned, the video may be upsetting to some):

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There was something beyond special, about getting to deliver my own baby. No doctors or nurses, no lights, or busy people, no one interrupting a moment that should be the most special moments for families as they bring life into the world. The pain was there, but the joy and peace that followed in those minutes we got to spend alone with our sweet girl was more rewarding then anything I could have asked for. I honestly think that God allowed me to deliver safely in the car, instead of making it to the hospital, because He knew that my desire for a birth that was without interruption and full of hormones between baby and I, that desire was so deep. And something that the hospital just couldn’t provide for me. People are shocked and often apologize that I didn’t make it to the hospital. They don’t understand that I just experienced something unrivaled to anything I could have imagined. I witnessed my body take over and a baby be born into my hands. My body is not swollen, and I have no tears. I had my husband and children around me, and for 5 minutes, we embraced everything that happened without any interruption. Our family has preferred a unique chaos It was crazy. But it was Amazing. @birthtube @birthwithoutfear @gracedinbirth @mindfulbirthproject @empoweredbirthproject

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Incredible, right? We especially love how her husband, Dominique, gives an incredulous, yet matter-of-fact “Oh, she had the baby” as Alexis pulls her daughter out from between her legs. Looks like someone has to clean the car soon.

The family appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  about a week after the birth and explained how they were heading to the hospital from the midwife’s office, which was only 12 to 15 minutes away. Because of the short distance, Alexis’s husband, Dominique, didn’t get a chance to pull over and stop the car on the side of the road or even in a Chipotle parking lot before the baby arrived. That’s right, the car was MOVING when she gave birth to her new daughter.

Mother and Father share a kiss in hospital This mom gave birth in the ER—and you have to see the photosOn top of that, Alexis was positioned on her hands and knees, facing the rear of vehicle, which she explained was the suggestion of her midwife, who assured her she’d be more comfortable that way. Now, we understand the situation here—and the midwife was likely right about that being a more comfortable birthing position—but the whole no seatbelt thing kinda has us freaked out. What if they got into an accident? The chaos and adrenaline involved in the race to the hospital doesn’t usually make for the safest driving.

Speaking of which, Dominique was filming the whole thing! While driving! Alexis explained that she had asked him to film just in case the baby comes during the drive, and we’re glad she had the foresight because that’s exactly what happened (if he hadn’t been filming, we wouldn’t be here talking about it now, would we?). BUT we have to remind everyone that distracted driving is dangerous, especially in the aforementioned frenzy of racing to the hospital during labour.

On top of it all, the clip shown on the late night talk show offered extended footage that shows what happened after the Instagram clip ends. As it turns out, the Swinney’s other children were right there in the back seat THE ENTIRE TIME. The audience laughs as Dominique pans over to the kids sitting in their carseats, but that must’ve been an intense experience to hear and see their mom in that state. Luckily, they didn’t seem to be traumatized by it and instead seemed to just be excited about the new baby. Whew.

So congrats to this strong mamma and her family. We’re glad that they made it through this rather dangerous experience safely and that the baby seems totally healthy. As Alexis wrote in her Instagram caption, her family of seven prefers a “unique chaos,” and based on this video, we believe it.

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