OUCH! You have to see this breech baby being turned from the outside

Nearly three million people have watched this doctor perform an External Cephalic Version (ECV) on this expecting mother in order to turn her baby around. Even though you might want to, it's impossible to look away.

OUCH! You have to see this breech baby being turned from the outside

Photo: Vanessa Fisher

Twenty-nine-year-old mom-to-be Vanessa Fisher, and her husband, Nick, had a choice to make at 38 weeks into their pregnancy.

Their unborn baby boy had been breech since 28 weeks, and after unsuccessfully trying to turn him at home, they were offered the option of an External Cephalic Version (ECV)—a non-invasive procedure where the doctor externally turns the baby.

"Our midwife recommended a consult with with Dr. Cummings at 37 weeks after the baby had not turned," Vanessa told BabyCenter.

The two had chosen a natural path for care and delivery. "I had tried other suggested methods to turn him at home but none were successful. I was fully prepared to stick to my natural, home birth plan and deliver a breech baby in the event that the [ECV] was unsuccessful, but we still wanted to give it a try."

Nick filmed the entire procedure as a way to encourage other expecting couples to try ECV if given the option. Of course, each pregnancy is different, and their doctor went through the details of the procedure and possible risks, then let the couple make their decision. He also reminded them that the main objective was to deliver a healthy baby.

"It was humbling to be reminded of this," said Vanessa. "I was so determined to strictly adhere to my birth plan that I had lost sight of the fact that although we all have our preferences, our priority as mothers should be to do what needs to be done to get the baby here, in our arms. It was wonderful to have a doctor and midwives who uphold this sentiment and provide parents with options to make good, educated decisions for themselves. "

This video may be difficult for some people to watch, but we found it hard to look away.

Warning: Some viewers may find this video too graphic.


Ouch! This was Cummings' second attempt at turning Baby Fisher. Vanessa may appear calm and unaffected in the video, but she says it was definitely uncomfortable.

"Physically there was a lot of pressure—it was unpleasant. You might notice that I almost grabbed [Cummings] hand when he was pushing on a sore spot. But I knew that I was in good hands and he was done so quickly, I was very impressed. The piece of mind that came with the success of the procedure was priceless."

She shared the video in an effort to educate and empower others. "It was important to us to share the video to make others aware that there are options available to them, as well as professionals who are dedicated to seriously considering and honoring the desires of mothers through pregnancy and childbirth... It has been enlightening and liberating to be able to experience this process on out terms... Although in some cases it is needed, cesarean shouldn't be the first and only solution to any and every hiccup in pregnancy... My husband and I gladly shared a glimpse into our journey through this pregnancy not to imply that what we chose was right or wrong, but it was elective...and the icing on the was successful!!!"


So amazing! Vanessa is currently in her 41st week of pregnancy and confirmed that the baby is "still in the head-down position."

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