Chipotle went all out for a mom who gave birth in their parking lot

Burritos actually make for the perfect baby shower theme (just look at those cupcakes!). Why didn't we think of it before?

By Kevin John Siazon

Chipotle went all out for a mom who gave birth in their parking lot

Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

Going into labour can be super stressful and sometimes you don't get a chance to make it to the hospital (or else you make it there, but only get as far as the hallway).

Last month, Colorado mom Adrianna Alaverez and her husband were on their way to the hospital when her waters broke suddenly. Fearing the couple wouldn't make it in time, her husband pulled their car into a local Chipotle parking lot and called 911. With the dispatcher's help, Alvarez gave birth to a fourth child, Jaden Flores, in that parking lot. To celebrate, the restaurant recently threw the couple a belated baby shower with the most adorable theme. Take a look:

Table spread for a baby shower at Chipotle. Shows a sign that says "Congrats on your little burrito" Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

Photo of the cake showing a baby sitting next to a burrito and the Chipotle logo with the words changed to "Welcome Baby Jaden" Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

Close up of the cupcakes that were topped with rainbow sprinkles and a fondant burrito wrapped in foil Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

Adrianna Alvarez and her husband talking to people at the event Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

Alvarez and her husband sitting with the baby at the baby shower Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

Baby Jaden sleeping in his carrier wearing a Chipotle shirt Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

Turns out burritos make the perfect theme for a baby shower. After all, a baby swaddled in a blanket really does look like one. Also, can we just say that the tiny foil-wrapped fondant burritos on each of the cupcakes is simply the cutest thing. Not gonna lie, we wish we had thought of it first.

Now, this isn't the first time someone has given birth in a parking lot, and the establishment whose parking lot is used doesn't always throw the happy couple a party. However, Alvarez and her husband both have special ties to the burrito joint—it's where they met. Not only that, but the two are also former Chipotle employees, so it's safe to say that with the birth of their son, the restaurant holds a special place in their lives.

Bonus bit of cuteness: Angie Schell, the dispatcher who helped talk Alvarez through the birth, was also invited to the baby shower at Chipotle. She told that she's been an emergency dispatcher for 17 years now, and Jaden was the first baby she had ever helped deliver.

"I've been the last voice that many people have spoken to, so it's really nice to be able to be there for their first breath, too." Schell said. When she heard the baby cry over the phone, she looked at the clock to mark down the time of birth and it was 9:11. Jaden's birth was filled with so many funny coincidences, it's almost too cute to bear. Here's a shot of Schell meeting the sweet family at the baby shower:

Alvarez, her husband and baby Jaden posing with Angie Schell, the emergency dispatcher who talked them through the delivery Photo: Cody Sowa, Courtesy of Chipotle

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