This baby was born in a car—and you have to see the amazing birth photo

This mom was only 29 weeks pregnant so she couldn't believe when she started having contractions. What happened next is absolutely amazing.

A mom holding her newborn baby in his amniotic sac Photo: Courtesy of Raelin Scurry via Instagram

Now this is a crazy amazing birth story.

Raelin Scurry was only 29 weeks pregnant when she thought she was having Braxton Hicks—but she wasn't. After about 45 minutes of contractions, she realized it probably wasn't false labour. So she dropped her daughter off with a friend, and she and her partner headed to the hospital. But during the drive, her contractions got more intense. She called 911, but this baby wasn't waiting for anyone! The mom-to-be handed her phone to her partner and pulled down her pants. With one more push her little guy arrived. Yes, she gave birth in the car! And there's more: Her baby was born en caul.

En caul babies are born in their amniotic sacs and they're quite rare—it only happens in about 1 in 80,000 births. It’s pretty incredible to see this photo and realize it all happened in the front seat of the car.

A smiling baby with a breathing tube in his nose Photo: Courtesy of Raelin Scurry via Instagram

Since the couple was not far from the hospital, they drove the rest of the way instead of waiting for an ambulance. Once there, the doctors broke the baby out of his sac so he could breathe easier.

Thankfully, the baby is healthy despite being 11 weeks premature. Baby Ean weighed 3lb. 1oz. at birth and is gaining weight and doing very well. I mean, just look at that cute little grin!


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