Prince Louis showed off his latest milestone this weekend! See all the cute photos

We've got a walker! Adorable Prince Louis toddled through mom Kate Middleton's new nature garden while his siblings, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, kicked off their shoes to ride a rope swing.

Prince Louis showed off his latest milestone this weekend! See all the cute photos

Photo: Matt Porteous/@kensingtonroyal

Long weekends are amazing in themselves, but Victoria Day also saw the Cambridge family bless fans with a series of adorable photos and videos of their three kids—Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Not only were the older two spotted running barefoot through a garden their mom designed at the annual Chelsea Flower Show, but their baby brother also showed off his latest skill: walking (or running, it seems!).

Back in March, Duchess Kate told fans that Louis was pulling himself up and "bombing around" on his walkers, so it seems like the petite prince has made a lot of progress in just a few months. And if seeing the chunky little royal toddling around wasn't enough, he did it all in a pair of sweet hand-me-down shorts from his big brother George. The five-year-old first wore the red-and-white overalls while on tour with Prince William and Kate in Australia and New Zealand, topping them off with a red cardigan, but Louis' look got its own spin thanks to a blue sweater.

Kate co-designed the fun Back to Nature Garden (with rope swing and all) because she's dedicated to the positive effects being outdoors can have on children's mental and physical health, including her own kiddies. Which is why she and William brought their brood for a sneak peek on May 19, where they spent 45 minutes running around, climbing on rocks and hanging out as a family.

There were too many sweet moments, so we've rounded up our faves just for you!


Prince Louis made a run for it

We've got a walker! The adorable toddler found a stick that's practically as big as he is and showed off his latest milestone under dad's amused gaze. "Over the past months, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have helped The Duchess gather moss, leaves and twigs to help decorate @The_RHS Back to Nature Garden," the Cambridges explained in the caption on Instagram. "Hazel sticks collected by the family were also used to make the garden’s den."

And looked an awful lot like Prince George

Fans couldn't get over the resemblance between Kate's youngest and his big brother, many referring to Louis as George's mini-me. From their rosy cheeks and defined brows to those sweet little noses and wispy blond locks, it's easy to see how much the princes look alike.

prince louis in a blue cardigan and red shorts beside young prince george in a white shirt and blue sweater vest Photos: Matt Porteous/@kensingtonroyal and Getty Images

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were barefoot and fancy free

The future king and his little sister kicked off their shoes to feel the garden's stream on their feet, dangling their legs over the side of a bridge while their dad pushed their baby brother on the rope swing. The lanky siblings, now five and four, looked all grown up—George in his polo shirt and belted shorts, and Charlotte in a floral dress and her hair pulled half back with braids.


In another photo, the princess showed off her skills swinging on the garden's giant rope knot, still shoeless and with dirt all over her feet (we can't handle!).

Prince Louis took pleasure in the simple things

Like rocks! Kate has worked hard to instil a love of nature in her littles and it's clearly working. Look at that face! We're in a puddle.

Princess Charlotte helped her baby bro walk

Kate talks about her latest project in this sweet video, spliced with highlights from the family's visit, and our hearts melted when we saw Prince Louis walking holding on to his sister with one hand and his dad with the other! A little bit later, when Prince William is pushing Louis on the swing, we were done.

Prince George gave the garden his royal stamp of approval

Last but certainly not least, the cutest little clip of Prince William and Prince George chatting about how he'd rate his mum's garden (a 20 out of 10, naturally). Hearing George's voice was such a treat, as was seeing Kate beaming nearby after hearing his response. Watching Princess Charlotte run to push her dad on the swing was the cherry on top.


Thanks for making our long weekend even better, Cambridge crew! #blessed

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