People are lining up to help these homeless Girl Scouts reach their cookie goals

This special group of Girl Scouts is totally killin' it with this whole selling cookies thing.

People are lining up to help these homeless Girl Scouts reach their cookie goals

Photo: Courtesy of @mrfeelyoung via Instagram

Troop 6000 was founded in 2016 to give girls living in New York City's homeless shelters a chance to be Girl Scouts, and this year, the girls of Troup 6000 finally get to sell cookies for the first time.

Selling cookies door to door would be logistically difficult for these girls since they have no place to store their cookie inventory (any mom who has had to sell Thin Mints knows these boxes can and will take over your living room). Luckily, a cereal cafe located in Manhattan's Union Square has offered them a space to set up shop, and New Yorkers have been showing up in droves to help them reach their pretty lofty sale goal.

In honour of their troop number, the nearly two dozen members wanted to sell a total of 6,000 boxes of cookies. That may seem ambitious, but getting good sales is all about location and Union Square is pretty ideal. Plus, the people of New York love their Thin Mints—especially when it's for a worthy cause. The proceeds of the cookie sales will allow Troop 6000 to participate in trips and activities that would normally be out of their parents' budgets.

Check out this lineup of people who came out to support the Girl Scouts:


People may be waiting patiently outside in line, but the sale booth is nothing short of organized chaos. Take a look at this video of the madness tweeted by the director of Girl Scouts NYC Heidi Schmidt.

Now, today may be Friday the 13th, but these girls are having great luck because they reached their goal!


Folks who don't want to line up (or those who live outside New York City) can also help the troop go even further by purchasing cookies online. Unfortunately, they don't ship to Canada. Womp womp. Maybe you can get your friends or family in the States to do it for you and then ship them your way? Just an idea.

According to AM New York, preparing for the sale has taught the members how to interact with customers, create a business plan and keep track of money.

"They have been wanting to do this for so long,” Troop 6000’s recruiting specialist Corinthia Fludd told AM New York earlier this week. “It’s the number one thing they ask.”

Well, these girls finally got their chance and they definitely made the most of it. Congrats, Troop 6000!

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