You’ll never guess where this Girl Scout made bank selling cookies

A girl in San Diego figured out the best place to sell her Thin Mints and Tagalongs, but some parents took issue with her choice of location.

You’ll never guess where this Girl Scout made bank selling cookies

Photo: Courtesy @urbnleaf/Instagram

It's no secret that Girl Scout cookies can be quite addictive, but one little girl—hoping to boost cookie sales—figured out the perfect location to sell them: right outside of a marijuana dispensary.

The San Diego resident and her dad set up shop just outside of Urbn Leaf dispensary last week, and within six hours she'd sold more than 300 boxes of Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and the various other varieties of the beloved cookies, reports

The reaction from parents, of course, was mixed—with some comparing the choice of location to selling cookies outside of a bar or a strip joint—and others just feeling like it sets up a tone of "drug indoctrination" to kids.

Many seemed to have a case of sour grapes that they didn't think of this idea; after all, when there are dozens of kids (and sometimes their form-bearing parents!) knocking on your door, hitting you up on Facebook, and selling in the office, any advantage in the interest of making more sales can help.

It's not the first time an enterprising young girl has set up shop in front of a pot dispensary. In 2014, a Girl Scout did the same thing outside a dispensary in San Francisco, which prompted the Girl Scouts of Colorado—a state where marijuana is legal—to issue a statement of disapproval of this tactic (as well as selling outside of bars or liquor stores).

In this case, neither the Girl Scouts of San Diego or the Girl Scouts of the USA have a problem with her choice of location, since she stayed within all the stated rules for selling.

Plenty of people online praised this "smart cookie" for her money-savvy and for recognizing a high-traffic area that is teeming with people who...well...just might need some snack food on hand in the future.

What do you think? Should she have set up shop outside the dispensary?


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