This PTA fundraiser is for all of us parents who just can't handle another bake sale

This school came up with a genius way for parents to never have to bake another cupcake for a bake sale or sell wrapping paper for a school fundraiser.

A dad with his crying two kids

This is not the idyllic baking experience I imagined. Photo: iStockPhoto

You know that dreaded moment when your kid comes home with a piece of paper in her backpack and you just know it’s a note announcing a school bake sale where you have to whip something up in your five free minutes between dinner and the kids’ bedtime (and FML, we have no butter!), or a fundraiser where your kid somehow has to sell 50 million candy bars (yes, for a good cause, but you just know you’re going to end up buying all those damn candy bars).

Well, one school has come up with a better solution for all these fundraising initiatives. Check out this note they sent home:

Photo: Courtesy of Bad Parenting Moments

YES! YES! YES! When I first saw this note, I sounded like Meg Ryan in that When Harry Met Sally orgasm scene. This is my dream! I would give a school all of my money if it meant I never again had to bake another batch of cupcakes (that I stay up till midnight icing, only to later curse those kids for not appreciating my Cake Boss skills). And I’d be super generous if it meant I didn’t have to beg every family member to donate to another walkathon, just so my kid can get a bunch of free stuff that I will stealthy throw away in three months.

Please, can more schools do this?

Signed, the mom who just can’t deal with any more fundraisers.

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