Find out how Bert and Ernie met in this super cute Fresh Prince parody

Now this is a story all about how Bert and Ernie became best friends!

Find out how Bert and Ernie met in this super cute Fresh Prince parody

Photo: Sesame Street via YouTube

We love a good Sesame Street parody, and in this most recent addition, the award-winning kids' show finally tells us how iconic duo, Bert and Ernie, became BFFs—set to the tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, obviously. (And, not to worry, they're both wearing funky neon caps like Will Smith did complete with a brim that's bent all the way up. It's adorable.)

The video follows Bert as he explains how he was born and raised on Sesame Street before setting out on his own with a box of his stuff, which includes the cutest baby pic of him playing with chains of paperclips.

He first meets Oscar the Grouch, who (unsurprisingly) tells him to scram and leave the neighbourhood, which prompts a sweet reminder of something his mom used to say to him: "Keep your head up, be kind and you'll find your way." We totally love this advice and we love how Bert's mom was wearing curlers and a house coat just like Will Smith's mom in the original.

He eventually comes across Ernie playing checkers by himself and simply asks, "Wanna be friends who laugh, learn and share?" Ernie points to the empty chair across the checkerboard and says, "Have a seat right there!"

Yep, Bert and Ernie became best friends just because Bert asked. Simple as that. Check it out in full below:

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