Chrissy Teigen's planning on adding to her family, but probably not in the way that you think

Looks like the Teigen-Legend fam will be getting a new member sooner rather than later!

By Emily Rivas

Chrissy Teigen's planning on adding to her family, but probably not in the way that you think

Photo: @chrissyteigen via Instagram

If you weren't obsessed enough already with Chrissy Teigen and her adorable family, here's something you'll be really excited about: Our girl just shared that she's down with adding more cubs to her wolf pack.

Yep, baby Luna might be getting a sibling soon. How cute would that be?

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Chrissy talked about recovering from postpartum depression and said that she's already thinking about what adding to her family would look like, whether that means adopting or fostering.

“I would definitely adopt or have foster children. But I loved being pregnant. Maybe I should be scared [of], but I don’t know. It couldn’t be any worse than it was—could it?” she said in the Marie Claire interview.

So far, Chrissy's been pretty real about her pregnancy and postpartum depression experiences. For her, it's all about encouraging women to seek support and not let postpartum depression bring them down. Her essay for Glamour back in March opened up a lot of conversation around these important topics.

“I love John and Luna more than I can imagine loving anything, and John and I still hope to give Luna a few siblings…Postpartum hasn’t changed that,” Chrissy wrote in the Glamour essay.

Whatever route Chrissy decides to take, we're sure it will be right for her and her family. And TBH we're super excited about it already.

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