America Ferrera played the BEST game at her baby shower

Someone give this woman an award, because this game is the absolute best.

Baby showers are usually full of pastel decorations, diaper-bag cakes and “oohs and ahhs” as the mother-to-be opens up one impossibly cute onesie after another. But it looks like actor America Ferrera got a slightly different kind of party to celebrate her foray into motherhood.

Three women playing a baby shower game with baby bottles12 baby shower games that won't make you cringe Ferrera announced on New Year’s Eve that she and husband Ryan Piers Williams are expecting their first babe together. Since then, her IG has been peppered with adorable pics of the mom-to-be’s journey through pregnancy, from the blessings she received from her Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants costars (who are all moms themselves) to her latest picks for baby bump book club.

Back in March, Ferrera and Williams had a baby shower thrown by her close friend Elsa Marie Collins—and made it clear that they weren’t sticking to the conventional baby shower tropes. “No poopie diaper games here. Just dancing, drinking (water for me), and some of the people we love to celebrate the little human we can’t wait to meet,” Ferrera wrote in an IG post.

The expectant couple continued the celebration into April with a second baby shower, thrown by Ferrera’s Sisterhood co-star Amber Tamblyn and her friend Tamara. Like the first, this shower didn’t feature the conventiona activities—but instead introduced me to a new baby shower game that is, tbh, my fave of all time.

“Baby showers are for practicing,” wrote Ferrera, captioning this LOL-worthy image which seems like a new-age version of lamaze class, complete with a ginormous vagina birthing full-sized humans. I mean, they say that practice makes perfect, right?

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