15 iconic toys from the '90s

'Sup? These relics are all that and a bag of chips. How many of these precious '90s toys did you have as a kid?

15 iconic toys from the '90s

Ah, the '90s! Those were simpler times. Sure we dealt with dial-up internet back then, but we also enjoyed jamming out with portable CD players, obsessing over classic TV shows like "Friends," picking sides in the boy band wars, and chatting away on AOL Instant Messenger.

Toys were also a big deal back then. Beanie Babies? We didn't just play with them; we were stocking up on them as if they'd be worth millions one day. And Furbies, remember those? They were kind of odd (and sometimes creepy) but totally lovable little robot buddies.

Ready for a blast from the past? Here are 15 toys from the '90s that will definitely bring those memories flooding back.

American Girl

Remember when American Girl dolls ruled the ‘90s? Whether you were into Samantha, Molly, Kristen, Addy, or Felicity, those dolls were everywhere with their unique outfits and cool historical stories.

However, American Girls are still all the rage today, and continue to release new dolls based on American history. You now have Rebecca, Melody, and Julie, and even the ‘90s twins Isabel and Nicki.

American Girl doll in box Photo: The Strong

Beanie Babies

Admit it, we all probably have a stash of beanie babies tucked away somewhere in the attic ‒ especially that Princess Diana-inspired Princess the Bear.

Who knows, maybe deep down you're holding onto them with the dream that one day they'll bring in a nice sum. I mean, when you see those rare first-edition dolls selling for $900,000 on ebay, it makes you think, could yours make you some serious cash too.

Purple Princess Diana Beanie Baby Photo: The Strong


Bop It

An upgrade to Simon? The most anxiety-inducing game ever? Well, Bop It was like a mashup of both. If you didn't have one, here's how Bop It worked: players had to twist, pull, and bop your way through commands in a row. So…um.. Did anyone actually conquer this game? Nope, not us either!

Bop It toy Photo: The Strong


You were the envy of all your friends if you had one of these furry pets when they first came out. You regretted that jealousy when it creepily woke you up in the middle of the night.

Furby has had a few comebacks since the OG version was released, but man, plenty of ‘90s kids still have some spooky Reddit tales about how these things still worked even with the batteries pulled out. Eek!

Black Furby in the box Photo: The Strong


Before Pokemon cards took over, we had pogs – those cool circular cardboard discs that were basically our playground money.

Pogs came in all sorts of funky designs like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and even OJ Simpson mugshots for the weird ones among us. Also, never forget slammers ‒ these totally made the game if you ask us.

box of Pogs Photo: The Strong



Talkboy was made popular by Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. I mean, who can forget this classic line: “Howdy do! This is Peter McCallister, the father. I’d like a hotel room, please, with an extra-large bed, a TV and one of those little refrigerators you have to open with a key. Credit card? You got it.”

Movie reference aside, who else got creative with their Talkboy and made the most cringeworthy skits ever? The kind you'd blush (or laugh) listening to if you stumbled upon them in your attic. #memories

Talkboy recording device Photo: The Strong

Power Ranger action figures

Who can forget being a '90s kid and watching Power Rangers? It's the kind of show that makes us either laugh or cringe now that we're all grown up.

We all had a favourite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger (#Pinksquad, anyone?) and our rooms were basically a Power Ranger paradise with PJs, bedding, and posters everywhere. Also, is there anyone else out there who's like, 'Oops, sorry Mom and Dad, for dragging you to watch the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie'?

Red power ranger action figure Photo: The Strong

Puppy Surprise

Remember Puppy Surprise from the 90s? Kids were absolutely hooked on it. The best part was the mystery of what awaited inside ‒ would it be 2, 3, or 4 adorable puppies when you popped open the Velcro on the plush dog's belly? That element of surprise made every unboxing a joyous and exciting experience.

Puppy Surprise with four little black and white puppies Photo: The Strong



An early intro to parenthood ‒ don’t forget to feed your digital babe, it’s not just a cute accessory to hang off the belt loop of your wide-leg Mavi’s. But hey, not everyone found it fun. Ever worry it might start beeping in the middle of the night? Then you end up passing it back to your parents, asking them to take care of it?

pink tamagotchi Photo: The Strong

Tickle Me Elmo

Remember when Tickle Me Elmo caused chaos in stores in '96? That same year, "Jingle All The Way" hit theaters, all about a dad scrambling for a toy on Christmas Eve. Coincidence? I think not!

This doll was a huge hit because when you squeezed it, Elmo would giggle, and if you squeezed him three times, he'd shake and vibrate. Kids these days might not get the hype, but man, did we '90s kids have a blast with it.

Tickle Me Elmo in the box Photo: The Strong

Polly Pocket

Later deemed a choking hazard, the OG Polly Pockets were itty-bitty dolls with bendable waists who lived in themed pocket-sized homes. They came in all kinds of themes ‒ from fashion to adventure, and they even had sets with cars and stuff. It was a glorious time to be alive, until your cat ate Polly.

'90s Polly Pocket daycare set in heart-shaped container Photo: The Strong


Moon Shoes

Imagine being one of the lucky ones whose parents snagged a pair of Moon Shoes for them in the '90s. You were the envy of the block! They weren't just stylish; bouncing around in those trampoline-like shoes felt amazing.

But, you know how it goes – all that fun comes to a screeching halt the moment someone ends up with a busted face or a twisted ankle. Next thing you know, those Moon Shoes found their way into the trash.

Pair of '90s trampoline-style moon shoes Photo: The Strong

Doodle Bear

The beauty of a Doodle Bear was that you could write or draw whatever the eff you wanted then throw it in the wash for a clean slate. Because, like, sometimes your brother was being a loser and you needed to write it on the bear, you know? And hey, if you ever got grounded for that, we can’t judge – we were in that boat once too.

Pink tie-dye Doodle Bear from the '90s in the box Photo: The Strong

Electronic Dream Phone

If you were starting to feel tired of playing Pretty, Pretty, Princess with your friends, you might have switched things up with this popular guessing game.

Here's how this game went down: each player would choose a photo card, call the number on it, listen to hints about their 'secret admirer,' and then take a guess by pressing the guess button and dialing the boy's number. Get it right, and you win; miss the mark, and you keep playing until you uncover who your crush was.

Game box of electronic dream phone game from the '90s of two girls talking on phone to fake boys Photo: The Strong


Nintendo 64

Remember those awesome N64 gaming sessions in '96? Playing classics like Super Mario 64, Mario Party, and Banjo Kazooie must have been a blast! Bet you had some fun arguments with your siblings over who got to play next. And those tough cartridges – you could drop them a million times and they'd still work like magic. Those were the days, huh?

Nintendo 64 console with controller Photo: Nintendo
This article was originally published on May 12, 2021

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