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34 adorable Shopkins toys

Once you shop…you can’t stop! Literally. Here’s a list of the cutest Shopkins toys that your Lil’ Shoppie will totally love.

34 adorable Shopkins toys

33 adorable Shopkins toys

Shopkins Shoppies Shopville Super Mall Playset

Get ready for Shopkin’s biggest playset EVER. With three levels accessible by elevator, this is the ultimate hangout spot for your Shoppies and their Shopkins. Visit the boutique, take a lunch break at the food court or take your gals to a movie. Set includes four exclusive Shopkins. 


34 adorable Shopkins toys

Shopkins Cutie Cars Single Diecast Vehicle

One of the newest lines in the Shopkins franchise is the Cutie Cars collection. Each Cutie Car comes with a mini Shopkin, and there's over 35 to collect. 

$7 each,

34 adorable Shopkins toys


Shopkins Collector’s Case

Showcase and store up to 60 Shopkins in this awesome display case.


34 adorable Shopkins toys

Shopkins Shoppies Jet

Welcome aboard Shopkins Air! Load up three of your favourite Shoppies (sold separately) and take them on a dream trip. 



34 adorable Shopkins toys

Shopkins Happy Places Bearry Fun Convertible Playset

Take Pippa Melon and her Picnic Petkins for a cruise with the top down in her Bearry Fun convertible. 


34 adorable Shopkins toys


Happy Places Shopkins Grand Mansion Playset

If your little one wants something a bit more posh for her Shoppies, then this is the playset for you! The set includes Chandelia, a ton of accessories, and endless hours of fun with seven rooms and 360⁰ of play opportunities. 


34 adorable Shopkins toys

Shopkins 12 Pack – Season 8 Asia

Next stop on the Shopkins World Vacation? Asia! As one of the newest collections to hit shelves this year, you’ll want to get your hands on this 12-pack of adorable new characters—there’s over 90 to collect in the Asia Series. Also available in the Shopkins World Vacation series: Europe and the Americas Shopkins.


34 adorable Shopkins toys

Shopkins Cutie Cars Drive Thru Diner

Fill up your favourite Cutie Cars at this one-stop-shop gas station and drive thru diner—spin and be served at the drive thru window or twirl up the elevator to the second level parking garage. Exclusive Wizzy Soda and Buggy Buddy Diecast car included.


34 adorable Shopkins toys


Shopkins Smoothie Truck Playset

Are you ready for the smoothest ride in Shopville? Pull up in your Smoothie truck, lower the table and pull up a seat for your favourite Shoppies (sold separately) because they’re in for a treat! Toss one of the two included Shopkins in the blender or display them in the truck as you pull away. 


34 adorable Shopkins toys

Shopkins Happy Places Happy Home Playset

Build a happy home for Popette with this adorable Happy Places playset. With all of the different decorator packs, you can turn this into a fun place to host parties and invite your other Lil’ Shoppies friends. The set also includes multiple Puppy Parlour Petkins so you can decorate in style. 



Shopkins Chef’s Club Hot Spot Kitchen

Let’s get cookin’! Cook up a treat with your two exclusive Season 6 Shopkins. There’s a surprise breadboard that you can pull down, and a shelf to store your two new recipe books. Sit your new collectibles on the two stools or display them on the cake stand.


Shopkins Chef's club kitchen


Shopkins Hedbanz

Play the classic “What am I?” game, Shopkins style, by asking yes or no questions to figure out which Shopkins character you have on your head. Includes 60 character cards, 24 scoring chips, a timer and six headbands with toppers.


Shopkins Hedbanz

Shopkins Secret Sweets Game

There are Shopkins Sweet Treats hiding in the Shopville Candy Shop! Spin the arrow to move around the board, and if you land on a Pick square, select a new Candy Coin. Peek spaces allow you to look at your Secret Sweet Squares or another player’s Candy Coins— if you land on a Pluck space, you can take them from them. Be the first to match your three Secret Sweets Squares to the corresponding Candy Coins to win! Includes four exclusive Shopkins collectibles.


Shopkins secret sweets game

Shopkins Bike

Your little one can ride around in style this summer with this super awesome Shopkins-themed bike. Even better, there’s removable training wheels for when your Lil’ Shoppie grows into a Shoppie who can ride!


shopkins bike


Crayola Shopkins Stamper Maker

Does your kid love to stamp? They can make their very own stampers of Shopkins characters in whatever colour they choose with this fun and easy Stamper Maker. Bonus: There’s a sticker sheet inside!


Shopkins stamper maker crayola

Shopkins Kinstructions Food Fair Truck

Is your little one looking to switch up their themed collectibles? This buildable playset, similar to LEGO, is perfect for playing with your new buildable figures, Ice Cream Dream, Frank Furter, Taco Terrie, and Millie Shake – plus, you can mix and match pieces! Other Shopkins Kinstructions sets include the Frozen Treat Stand, Ice Cream Shop, Cotton Candy Stand, and more – all with their very own unique Shopkins figures.


Shopkins kin'structions food fair truck

Shopkins Happy Places Decorator Pack

After a day of shopping, the Lil’ Shoppies go to their Happy Home, which you can decorate with Dreamy Bear’s decorator pack. The set includes an alarm clock, a table, a camera, and other cute furniture pieces. There are also three surprise Petkins included. Also available: Kitty Kitchen and Puppy Parlour.


Shopkins Happy Places


Shopkins 8 Pack Season 6 – Hot Waffle Collection

Start off your new Season 6 collectibles with this adorable pack of waffle-themed Shopkins, including Rosa Raspberry, Winston Waffle, and Scooper. Besides the Shopkins figures, you also get the Wicked Waffle Maker along with pink waffle accessories.


Shopkins hot waffle collection

Shopkins Shoppies – Rainbow Kate

Explore Shopville while looking for the greatest bargains for your favourite Shoppies doll. Rainbow Kate comes with a blue shopping bag and two Shopkins friends, Rayne-Bow and Raylene Rainbow. Also included is a yellow brush for her colourful locks and a VIP card to unlock rewards through the app. Collect all of her Shoppies doll friends: Peppa-Mint, Jessicake, Popette, Sara Sushi, Bubbleisha, Pam Cake, Donatina, and Pineapple Lily.


Shopkins Rainbow Kate shoppie

Shopkins Go Shopping! Card Game

A Shopkins variation of the game Go Fish!, where the object is to collect the greatest amount of Shopkins card pairs. There are three different pack designs, and each includes one exclusive Shopkins figure and 40 playing cards. 


Shopkins Go Shopping Card Game


Shopkins Pop ‘N’ Race Game

It’s the classic game Trouble, Shopkins style! 


Shopkins pop n race game

Shopkins 12 Pack – Season 6

As an intro to the Chef Club series, the Shopkins in this season are all ingredients that are part of themed recipe collections. Inside are 12 collectibles from the newest series, including two hidden Shopkins in the recipe books, one recipe card, and a collector’s guide.


Shopkins chef Club season six

Crayola Shopkins Giant Colouring Pages

It’s easy to colour inside the lines with these giant colouring pages, featuring your collector’s favourite Shopkins characters and scenes. Pull out one of these 18 pages when finished for an adorable on-the-fridge artwork.


Shopkins Giant Colouring Page


Shopkins – Season 5 – 8 Pack – Fashion Collection – Frosty

With this Frosty set you’ll be ready for winter! The pack includes eight exclusive Shopkins, including Jeanie Beanie and Bobby Goggles, as well as a snowboard, sled and “Cool Skidoo”. To make your Fashion collection complete, you can also purchase the Gym and Slumber packs separately.


Shopkins fashion collection frosty

Shopkins Popette’s Popcorn Stop

No one loves movies more than this Popette! This little shopkeeper also loves to make yummy popcorn in her Poppy Cooker. You get five Shopkins total in this playset, a brush for Popette’s hair, and a VIP card that gives you access to rewards on the app. 


Shopkins Popette's popcorn stop

Shopkins Dominoes

Anyone who loves a fun game of Dominoes will adore this Shopkins-themed version. It’s a fast and easy game to learn, and includes 28 Shopkins dominoes, with characters like Taco Terrie and Chee-Zee.


Shopkins dominoes


Shopkins: Welcome to Shopville! Storybook

This sweet storybook introduces collectors to the wonderful world of Shopkins. Read along as Cheeky Chocolate, Apple Blossom and their friends take you on adventures through the grocery store.


Shopkins Welcome to Shopville

Shopkins Sweet Spot + 4 Rare Shopkins

Welcome to the sweetest spot in Shopville. You can send your four new friends for a fun slide down the gumball machine or for a ride on the candy cart. You can even stick them to the lollipop stand on display, or on the many shelves in the shop! You also get two exclusive candy bags and six gumballs to store your sweet new Shopkins figures.


Shopkins sweet spot

Crayola Shopkins Colouring & Activity Pad

Perfect for travelling in the car or on a plane to keep your little one busy (and quiet). Complete with 32 themed activities, colouring pages, and seven Pip-Squeaks Skinnies markers, you’ll never hear the words “Are we there yet?” again. 


Shopkins colouring and activity pad


Shopkins Season 3 Food Fair Packs – Fast Food Collection

This adorable Fast Food Collection includes eight Shopkins, like Cheddar and Wise Fry, a “Kooky Cooker”, spatula and food tray. Collect each Food Fair sets, including the Cupcake Collection and the Cool & Creamy Collection.


Shopkins fast food collection

Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Board Game

Flick the spinner and race your Shopkins character around the supermarket, collecting Bakery, Frozen Foods, Fruits & Veggies, and Dairy tokens to get to the finish line. Bonus: Four Shopkins characters are included!


Shopkins Supermarket scramble

Spot It! Shopkins

Spot the two matching Shopkins on any two cards the fastest—the player who spots the most, wins!


Shopkins Spot It


Shopkins Frosted Cupcake Queen Cafe + 4 Bonus Characters

Pull up a seat and enjoy your favourite, frosted treat at the Frosted Cupcake Queen Café! This re-coloured version of the original features two to-go bags, a shop sign, display stands, and eight exclusive Shopkins from multiple Seasons, like Banana Splitty and Croissant d’Or.


Shopkins Frosted Cupcake Queen Cafe +4 Bonus Characters

Shopkins Big Roll Bingo

Your little one will love the Shopkins spin on Bingo. Roll the two bigger-than-average dice to reveal the letter and picture. If you find them on your Bingo card, place a token on it. First player to cover five squares in a row wins!


Shopkins big roll bingo

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This article was originally published on Oct 18, 2017

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