Amy Schumer gives zero f*cks in her naked pregnancy shoot and we're obsessed

Why can't we have this much confidence?

If there’s one sentiment to describe Amy Schumer, it’s definitely IDGAF (or rather, she don’t give a f*ck). So it’s no surprise that she took full advantage of her first pregnancy and set up the most unabashed, gutsy pregnancy shoot we’ve ever seen—and we’re OBSESSED.

Pregnant woman surrounded by falling petals Maternity photo shoots: The good, the bad and the nakedIn the photos, which she took for a profile in The New York Times and posted to her Instagram, she’s standing fully naked amid a forest of trees holding piles of what looks like moss to cover her boobs. While this may seem a bit routine for a maternity shoot, there’s just something about her pose, the styling of her hair and the look on her face that makes her version feel so raw and totally unfiltered (although, it’s professional photography, so we’re sure there was at least some photo editing).

In addition to that shot, she also posted a photo of herself running after ducks in the park completely naked and showing the full, ahem, Rubenesque beauty of her pregnant body—from every angle. While bumps are usually on display in this type of shoot, they’re typically shown in a way that covers up the rest of the mom-to-be’s body, be it with a flattering angle or cleverly placed cardigan. But not for Amy (if only we had an ounce of her confidence!). Check it out.

Now Amy hasn’t had an easy pregnancy, and she’s been pretty upfront about her awful experience with hyperemesis gravidarum (maybe a bit too upfront actually—we don’t know that we needed the clip of her vomiting in the car before one of her shows *shudder*). But in these bad*ss photos, she makes pregnancy look like a walk—er, frolic?—in the park.

So bravo, Amy. Way to subvert the traditional maternity shoot and inspire us all to be as brazen and carefree as you look in those photos.

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