This is Canada’s best supermarket ice cream sandwich

From Chapman's to Klondike, here are the most popular ice cream sandwiches you can buy at your local supermarket—and the surprising pick that took the top spot!

This is Canada’s best supermarket ice cream sandwich

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There’s no summer snack more perfect than an ice cream sandwich. Though there are a ton of different variations on this treat, nothing screams summer nostalgia like a classic vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two cookies.

In the interest of ice cream sandwich-lovers everywhere, we held a blind taste test to determine the absolute best, nationally available store-bought options. Here are the results.

chapman's super sandwich ice cream Photo: Chapman's

Chapman’s Super Ice Cream Sandwich, $5.47 for a pack of 12

Delightfully old school with soft chocolate cookies and super creamy vanilla ice cream, Chapman’s sandwich is a great nostalgia trip. Though some of us found this sandwich to be a bit too sweet, one staffer commented that it reminded her of her own childhood summers. We loved how classic and familiar the sandwich was, and a few taste-testers correctly guessed, based on the texture of the ice cream, that this was Chapman’s.

Klondike classic vanilla ice cream sandwiches Photo: Klondike

Klondike Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, $6.17 for a pack of 6

Most of the comments about Klondike’s version of the ice cream sandwich focused on how good the cookie was and how “meh” the ice cream was (someone commented that the vanilla flavour “just kinda disappears”). We agreed that Klondike’s cookie was the best out of the five. One staffer noted that the cookie had a slight saltiness to it, making it more interesting than the other, uniformly sweet cookies.

CHRISTIE Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookie sandwich Photo: Nestle

Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich, $6.67 for a pack of 4

This cookie was the least favourite of the five. One taste-tester simply wrote “no” on the comment sheet. The cookie was the main issue in this sandwich: it was too crumbly and fell apart when bitten, got soggy from the ice cream and generally just didn’t work as an ice cream sandwich cookie. Though the ice cream filling was decent, it couldn’t redeem the sandwich.

real dairy premium ice cream sandwiches Photo: Nestle

Nestle Real Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, $3.99 for a pack of 4

The Real Dairy ice cream sandwich also ranked low. Taste-testers found the sandwich, especially its consistency, unappetizing. Testers noted that the ice cream was watery and melted too fast. The cookie itself was also very sticky and gave testers chocolate-covered fingers. Nostalgic? Yes. Pleasant? Not really.

No Name vanilla ice cream sandwiches Photo: No Frills

No Name Club Pack Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches, $7.47 for a pack of 24


This ice cream sandwich was the surprise favourite. It improved on Chapman’s classic sandwich and delivered the same feeling of summertime nostalgia. Taste-testers commented on how the chocolate cookie had a slight crunch to it but didn’t crumble apart like the Chips Ahoy! Cookie. The cookie’s firmness also contributed to the sandwich staying together and was the perfect vessel for the vanilla ice cream, which was noted for its excellent consistency and not-too-sweet flavour. These sandwiches are also the best bang for your buck.

The winner:

No Name’s Club Pack Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

This is Canada’s best supermarket ice cream sandwich Photo: Giphy

This article was originally published on Jul 29, 2019

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