Two more royal babies for Prince William and Kate?

A royal clue has emerged that Kate Middleton and Prince William plan to have two more children.

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I know, I know, they just had a baby: GIVE THE ROYAL COUPLE A BREAK! But, for all those of you who feel sorry for the Duchess or think we should all leave her alone, please know that she knew exactly what she was getting into when she married Prince William. She 100% signed up for this gig fully aware of what it entailed, just like every princess or queen has for centuries before her.

And, I've done some reading on this lately: Know that the royal family has a pretty glowing relationship with the media now (at least in the UK); a lot of what's put out there is, indeed, on their terms. You can tell by Prince William's candidness in his interview  with CNN the other day — he gave us everything we wanted to hear ("nappies," carseat, jitters...). Brilliant, I say!

So as for this latest story,  the royal wedding-cake maker, Fiona Cairns, has come out with some clues about just how big this beautiful family is going to grow.

Cairns told the Daily Mail's Weekend Mag that Kate and William saved the three top layers of their eight-tiered wedding cake for themselves. Usually, couples only save one tier for the christening of their first baby. That they saved three has suggests they're considering having more than two kids.

"I'm not even sure how they've stored the cakes," Cairns says. "If they wanted to use one for Prince George's christening it would be fine, though. . . . The icing would have to be redone but the cake itself will be as good as it was on the day."


The wedding cake was, of course, the most amazing thing ever — 220 pounds, a metres tall, embellished with 17 kinds of flowers. Cairns says Kate was involved from start to finish. "She had very definite ideas about what she wanted," says Cairns. "The cake was to tell a story, along with the dress."

And this is just one more reason why the public loves Kate. She's embraced her role completely — diving head first into it and making it her own, along with hubby Prince William. They continue to surprise and engage us by embracing and recreating the royal family to the delight of all those (like my mom, and now me, too) who adore them.

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Source: Hello! Canada Magazine: Two more children for Prince William and Kate?

This article was originally published on Aug 26, 2013

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