They're here: Official photos of Kate, William, Prince George and the dogs

Official photos of Prince George, William, Kate and their dogs have been released. Check them out!

Photo: Getty Images Photo: Michael Middleton/Getty Images

The moment all us royal family fans have been waiting for since the birth of Prince George has arrived: The first official photos of the new prince and his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have been released!

Once again straying from the tradition of all those royal families before them, Kate and William opted to release personal photos of their new family — taken by Kate's father, Michael Middleton, in the Middleton's garden at their Buckleberry home in Berkshire.

Included in the two photos are Kate, William, the beautiful, sleeping prince, their cocker spaniel, Lupo, and the Middleton's golden retriever, Tilly.

In the photos, Kate looks relaxed (probably because the baby is actually sleeping — they say he's not the best sleeper yet!) in a pretty purple wrap dress. Prince William, of course, is beaming in his signature pale blue button-down, and adorable Prince George is wearing his signature wool blanket....

Photo: Michael Middleton/Getty Images Photo: Michael Middleton/Getty Images


The family definitely broke with tradition by taking and releasing these photos without a professional royal photographer. But I think Mr. Middleton did quite well — don't you? Lovely! I'm personally looking forward to the more candid photos of the family. But it looks like it'll be a while yet before we see any of those.

In the meantime, look out for more photos of (and news from) Kate around September 12. That's rumoured to be the date of her first official royal engagement since the birth of Prince George. She and William will be guests of honour that day at the inaugural Tusk Conservation Awards.

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This article was originally published on Aug 20, 2013

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