Kate Middleton spotted shopping post-pregnancy

Just one month after the birth of Prince George, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted shopping at an Anglesey supermarket.

Photo: FameFlynetUK/FameFlynet Kate Middleton at Grimsby, April 2013. Photo: FameFlynetUK/FameFlynet

Just one month after the birth of Prince George, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted looking lovely in a black-and-white striped long-sleeve shirt, skinny jeans and flats. Her hair was pulled up in a pony tail, sunglasses atop her head.

She looked relaxed and happy, shopping for food and other supplies for her family at a supermarket in Anglesey, Wales, where she and her new family are staying while Prince William completes his Anglesey tour as a search-and-rescue pilot.

Of course, everyone's buzzing about Kate's post-baby figure. Indeed, she was criticized in the media for being too thin prior to her pregnancy. And when she presented Prince George to the world in that stunning Jenny Packham dress, which didn't hide a thing, just a day after giving birth, the media went a little far commenting on her pregnancy weight gain. Like most celeb moms, she can't win for losing (or gaining) when it comes to her weight. The media's relentless.

That said, as someone who finally lost the 50 pounds she gained in pregnancy FIVE YEARS AGO (thank you, ohhh, thank you!), I can't help but wonder if she's been dieting and exercising. Is she back on Dr. Dukan's diet? It's hard to fathom she gave birth just a month ago!


Sources for Us Weekly say the Duchess has not been dieting, that breastfeeding and tending to Prince George has been melting off the very few pounds she gained in pregnancy. Their sources also say she's continued the yoga routine she practised throughout her pregnancy, and that's about it. Anyway, she looks beautiful, as always. GORJ!

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This article was originally published on Aug 27, 2013

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