Kate Middleton: First post-baby event (photo!)

To the sheer delight of runners, organizers and onlookers, Kate Middleton made a surprise appearance at the Anglesey Ring of Fire marathon.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge, 31, is back to work (sort of). She made her first official appearance since the birth of Prince George — a surprise for all — at the Ring of Fire marathon in Anglesey, Wales. It's a three-day race around Anglesey Island. 92 runners partook in the event, including Canadians.

Looking lovely and notably calm in a silk top from Zara, black skinny jeans, a grey-green Ralph Lauren blazer and black wedges, the new mom talked to Anglesey locals about the marathon, motherhood, pregnancy and baby stuff. She also shared that five-week-old Prince George was back home with her mom, Carole Middleton, that he's "sweet" and a good sleeper.

Though Prince William was scheduled to open the event, Kate's appearance was a huge surprise for all. She and William met with the runners and marathon organizers on a hill at the start of the race. Kate joined in on the countdown before William rung a bell, said, "The circus is off!" and the race began. Fun!

"The Duchess is absolutely beautiful, lovely," said Andrea Hall, according to (her husband was running in the marathon). "She looks amazing, I can't believe she had a baby only a month ago."


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This article was originally published on Aug 30, 2013

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