7 Best Bed Rails for Kids' Beds 2024

Don't worry about them falling out with these clever, easy-to-install bed rails for kids.

7 Best Bed Rails for Kids' Beds 2024

Regalo at Walmart

The transition from a baby crib or a low-to-the-floor bed to a big kid bed often involves some trial and error. While some children make this transition seamlessly, others feel restless and struggle to adapt. That's why having the best bed rails for kids on hand between the toddler mattress and big kid bed phase can help tremendously.

With safety, cost, and effectiveness in mind, we've rounded up the best kids mattress on the market, consulting with sleep experts along the way; along with the best toddler mattress for when your baby has outgrown their crib. (Think of us as your one-stop kiddie resource for everything snooze-related.)

Additionally, we've outlined a list of bed rails you may want to attach to your child's new big kid bed. Check out our recommendations and favorites for an extra dose of bedtime protection for your tykes.

What to look for in the best bed rails for kids

"Transitioning your little one from their cozy cot-beds to a junior bed marks a significant step, but it also means saying goodbye to the familiar safety of those trusty side rails," says Jeff Mills, Director of Baby & Co. "If you've got an active little wriggler, ensuring their safety during sleep becomes a top priority. Bed rails are your ticket to a peaceful night's sleep for both you and your child."

Placing a junior bed against a wall is "a smart move to prevent tumbles on the other side," says Mills. Install bed rails for kids on the other side of the bed to limit exposure.

"The guard's length is about half that of the mattress, strategically positioned in the upper third to minimize the risk of falls. Although there may be small gaps, they're far outweighed by the reduced falling risks."

Best bed rails for kids 2024

Best overall

TotCraft Safety Guardrail

totcraft safety guardrail, best bed rails for kids Merchant


This guard rail safety barrier is a must-have at 59"W x 19.5"H. It's the perfect size for traditional twin beds. It's not too short and not too long, making it the real "Goldilocks" of bed rails for kids. Plus, it has over 5,000 reviews from caregivers all over the globe.

Made of breathable, non-toxic mesh, the rail weighs just 6 pounds and cleans easily with a damp cloth. Pull on the lower latch to fold the rail over when not in use; the bottom latches make it harder for kids to access. (The fold-down latch also makes it easier to change the sheets without the rail getting in the way!) We tried it on our Helix Kids Mattress and loved it.


  • Easy set up and installation
  • Affordable pricing
  • Over 5,000 ratings
  • Easy cleaning
  • See-through mesh
  • Ideal for twin and full beds


  • Won't work with extra-thick mattresses and higher profile pillow tops

Best budget

Dream On Me Lightweight Mesh

deam on me lightweight mesh bed rails, best bed rails for kids Merchant

This wallet-friendly bed rail system is priced at just under $20. We love that it has over 11,000 excellent ratings. One happy customer described it as, "easy to put together and is perfect for on-the-go." It's a solid, affordable choice for those traveling with a youngster.

Made of mesh fabric held together by an anchor system and a stabilizer bar makes this a safe choice. Get excited, because setup hardware is included. The edges of the rail itself are nice and round, which helps prevent injuries.


Weighing just 2 pounds and measuring a compact 33” L x 14” W x 15”, this railing is a dream to transport. Plus, it's multi-use. One clever reviewer said they attached one to each end of their twin bed to make it look like a loveseat!


  • Affordable pricing under $20
  • 11,000 excellent user ratings
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Versatile use
  • Various color options


  • Less sturdy than some other options on the market

Best for toddlers

Regalo's 43" Guard Rail

regalo bed rails for kids, best bed rails for kids Merchant

Getting your first big-kid bed is so exciting—bye-bye crib! This endearing moment should be celebrated with add-on bed rails for kids. This top-seller has over 54,000 excellent ratings and blows the competition away by promising safe sleep to toddlers and growing little ones.

It measures 43"W x 20"H and weighs .32 ounces, so it's extremely light with an all-steel frame. It's also available in larger and smaller sizes (sold separately) so measure the bed carefully to confirm the size you want.

The brand's exclusive gap guard technology prevents entrapment between the mattress and the rail. It's also certified by the American Testing Society and Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. We love that it doesn't require any tools to set up and comes with an anchoring strap to keep it secured to the bed itself.


  • Ideal for toddlers ages two through five
  • Affordable
  • A bestseller
  • Can accommodate extra thick beds and pillowtops
  • All-steel frame
  • Easy setup


  • Stretching the mesh fabric out initially can be cumbersome, but only needs to be done once

Best bumper

Banbaloo Foam

banbaloo farm bed rails, best bed rails for kids Merchant

Opt for a bumper if you don't love gates. This cylinder design is suitable for all bed sizes. Use it in a convertible crib or queen mattress—the choice is yours. We love how adaptable to various sleeping arrangements this design is.

Installation is super simple. Place it on top of the mattress itself, just below the fitted bottom sheet.

The removable and machine-washable hypoallergenic cover makes maintenance hassle-free. It's soft, stays in place, is made of non-toxic foam, comes with a washable cover and doesn't require any sharp or bulky hardware for setup. Kids can climb over them with ease without harming themselves.

Squeeze it into a carrying case, because when released it quickly inflates to it's regular size, making it awesome for travel.


  • No awkward gate appearance or feel for kids
  • Inflates
  • Ideal for travel
  • Quick and easy installation without any tools
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Kids can climb over it


  • May not stay in place if you have a particularly active sleeper

Best design

Delta Children Inflatable Bed Rails

delta children inflatable bed rails, best bed rails for kids Merchant

These bed rails for kids look like pool floats—only squishier. Inflatable bed rails are an excellent option for travel, heading to Grandma's house or sleepovers. These adhere to rigorous ASTM safety standards. Plus, they're surprisingly solid and won't puncture easily.

We love how easily they remain fully inflated throughout the night, ensuring your little one won't wake up to flattened bed rails. Easy to transport, each rail is non-toxic, weighs about 1.5 pounds, and installation is easy-peasy. Slip them beneath your child's fitted sheets; no additional hardware is necessary.

And yes, these are a brilliant add-on to the best Walmart air mattress options.


  • Quick and easy inflation
  • Setup takes less than five minutes
  • Non-slip bottoms with added gripping
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ideal for travel


  • The included pump is a bit weak—you're better off using your own

Best rated

ComfyBunny 19" Extra Long

comfy bunny extra long bed rails, best bed rails for kids Merchant


Crafted by industry leader ComfyBumpy, this extra-long bed rail for kids features a convenient fold-down design. This allows easy bed access for toddlers. Constructed with premium materials, including high-quality metal and durable polyester fabrics, it's sturdy and comfortable.

Weighing in at six pounds and measuring 59" x 19.5", this kids' bed rail easily attaches to various bed types. Reviewers praised its easy assembly; it uses a triple-way attachment system to keep it secure. This system allows you to attach it to your child's bed using Velcro (for slat bed bases), adjustable straps (for tying to box springs) and screws (for wooden bed bases). The flat metal base bars snugly fit beneath the mattress, which prevents injuries and lumps in the mattress.


  • High-end materials
  • Fold-down design ideal for toddlers and bigger kids
  • Fits a variety of bed sizes
  • Loads of positive customer reviews
  • Modern-looking design
  • Included storage pouch


  • Slightly heavier than other models at about six pounds, but we love the sturdy construction

Best Walmart


febfoxs 59" mesh kids guard rail, best bed rails for kids Merchant

Need a bed rail to go with your child's Walmart twin mattress? This one stands out because of its cute smiley face pattern, zero required tools for installation and 30 adjustable height positions. We also love the affordable pricing and Walmart return policy.

It has a strong iron frame and foldable L-shaped legs to hold it in place under the mattress. Made of breathable mesh and tear-resistant, non-toxic and safe oxford cloth, it doesn't emit any toxic odors and cleans easily with warm water.


  • Affordable Walmart pricing and quick shipping
  • Easily accommodates mattresses of varied thicknesses
  • Just press a button to control up or down motion
  • Adorable kid-friendly design
  • Foldable L-shaped legs


  • Pattern may be too juvenile for older kids

Defer to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations, according to Dr. Chee Chun Tan. "Bed rails should only be used in adult beds and for kids ages two to five years old. These must not create a dangerous gap with the mattress into which a child can fall."

Additionally, says Dr. Tan, "Test to make sure the bed rail hardware is permanently attached and that components cannot be assembled in an unsafe manner."

Today, bed rails must have improved warnings on labels and instructions, "Installation components, such as anchor or straps, must be permanently attached to the bed rail. These component parts also must have a warning label on them."  If you're not entirely sure if your child needs bed rail yet, "Place a mattress on the floor instead or on a toddler floor bed."


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This article was originally published on Sep 26, 2023

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