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This month The latest toys, apps and entertainment.

Get slimed. Making your own goo is a sneaky way to show how fun science can be.

Party time
Rainbow party. Think on the bright side and throw a colourful celebration.

Reading the future How to know if your child might struggle with literacy.

Need to know New products, studies and stats.

Little bodies
Untrue colours. Is your kid mixing up hues? He could be colour-blind.


The big peanut gamble. Nancy Carr’s nut-allergic son went from carrying an EpiPen to popping peanuts. Here’s how.

Your health
No sweets for two. Gestational diabetes is surprisingly common—and often comes with no warning signs. While counting carbs isn’t fun, the disease is manageable.

Advice+Real Life
Quick fixes How to… get your kids out the door faster, stretch out tight shoes, make your own ice pack and tote your veggies.

At our house
Playing it school. Katie Dupuis hopes starting kindergarten will help her baby grow up (just not too quickly!).

Falling through the cracks. Many parents of kids with special needs are struggling to cover the costs.


A day in the life of an elementary teacher. Pushy parents, tattling kids and insufficient prep time—they’re all in a day’s work for this grade one teacher.

Raising the standard. Controversial across Canada, standardized testing may be more harmful than hepful.

11 ways to salvage a bad morning. School mornings can be a sh*t show. Here’s how to turn things around.

Ian Mendes
Clothes call. Ian Mendes explains why uniforms at his kids’ school would be awesome—for him.


Back to cool Send your little learner off to school with cool duds, durable gear and awesome accessories.


A [Trans]formation Lots of kids don’t fit neatly into classic “boy” or “girl” categories, but what do you do if your child is actually struggling with their gender identity?

How to talk to girls We want to raise daughters who will run the world, but could the words we use be accidentally sending the wrong message? Eight rules for nurturing the self-esteem of the next generation of leaders, with GapKids.

When should a kid learn about consent? Teaching kids how to give, receive and understand consent is crucial. It’s about way more than just “no means no,” and the conversation should start far sooner than you might expect.

Yes, you can volunteer at school! Even the most schedule-challenged parent can pitch in with these 25 painless ways to give your time.

The other side of gifted Behind the “gifted” label can be a pretty complex package. Here’s how to handle it with care.


Cheesy Gold Stars These crackers are tasty, cute and easy to make.

Food news Food, tools and entertaining.

In the pantry 10 essential ingredients = 3 easy meals. Make one grocery run and eat for days.


This is my life
First day of school.

This article was originally published on Aug 21, 2015

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