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Reader tips to get your kids out the door

Check out these tips on how to get your kids our the door in the morning.

By Today's Parent
Reader tips to get your kids out the door

We asked our readers for tips on how they get their slowpoke kids out the door every morning. Here's what they said:

"Stop pushing (them). My kids turn to concrete when they feel rushed. If I manage not to let on that we need to hurry and just gently nudge them along, we get out the door much faster." — Nicole Shadbolt from Ottawa, Ontario via Facebook

"We make it a race or a game to see who can do it the fastest." — Breanne Scott from Angus, Ontario via Facebook

"I tell them that there's something waiting in the vehicle for them. Maybe it's a cracker, maybe it's a book, maybe it's yesterday's flyers... they just won't know until we get in there!" — Amanda Gartner Coleman from Edmonton, Alberta via Facebook

"It may sound mean, but I tell him we are leaving without him. It gets him moving." — Jenifer Brown from Kingston, Ontario via Facebook

"We sing. My daughters are so focused on the song that they don't realize we are moving along. Sometimes it does lead to a solo or a few dance steps along the way, but that just makes it more fun." — Jennifer Berger from Oakville, Ontario via Facebook

"My son has a hard time getting dressed in a timely manner. The only solution I have found is to put on the microwave timer. He seems to like the challenge and he hustles!" — Tracy Cameron from Edmonton, Alberta via Facebook

"The secret for getting my daughter ready (as she is a SLOWPOKE!) is to have everything laid out — backpacks have to be ready the night before, clothes have to be laid out for the morning. I make sure we give her more than enough time to get ready; usually about 40 minutes longer than everyone else! When she feels she has enough time, things go a lot smoother." — Jennifer McLean from Bowmanville, Ontario via Facebook


"On weekday mornings we have a routine that keeps us moving smoothly. The children can't go downstairs to eat and watch a show until they are dressed with their teeth brushed and hair done. Then it's just shoes and coat to get us out the door." — Jill Sacks Hulley from Red Deer, Alberta via Facebook

"We have a chart posted on the fridge of things that need to be done during the morning, afternoon and evening. The girls get a sticker on each box after completing the tasks. Works wonders!" — Diana Feather from Hanover Ontario via Facebook

"My son loves to be first in everything. So, when I ask him if he wants to be first one out the door, the answer is almost always yes." — Erin Durand from Halifax, Nova Scotia via Facebook

This article was originally published in August 2013.

This article was originally published on Sep 02, 2015

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