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Table of contents: July/August 2015

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What’s new
18 / This month The world of toys, apps & entertainment.

Happy & healthy
32 / Bulletin New products, studies & stats.

41 / Checkup Does your kid need a therapist? How to recognize the signs and get the right help when you need it.


Advice & real life
52 / Quick fixes How to… apply sunscreen, help your kid memorize her phone number and make a homemade sprinkler.


66 / The good sport Picture perfect? All Ian Mendes wants is one perfect photo of his daughters. But, as most parents know, that's a tall order.

70 / Baby Yes, moms can have a beer at the barbecue, even when nursing.


98 / Hello, my name is... Choosing the right name for your baby can be daunting. We've interviewed experts and compiled stats to help you select the perfect moniker.

102 / How to help your kids live longer than you
Read about these simple ways to raise healthier kids.


In the kitchen 110 / What's cookin'? Food, tools & entertaining.

118 / Treats
S'mores cones.

120 / Recipe roundup

Just for you 122 / The debate
Do you let your kids pee outside?

This article was originally published on Jun 29, 2015

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