7 things you didn’t know you could cook on the barbecue

It's not all burgers and hot dogs, you can barbecue almost anything!

By Bonnie Schiedel

Photo: Raincoast Books Photo: Raincoast Books

Minimal cleanup and freedom from a hot-as-hell kitchen—what’s not to love about summertime barbecuing? This year, shake things up a bit with some unexpected ingredients, courtesy of Brian Misko, author of Grilling with House of Q.

1. French toastDip bread into egg mixture and grill on a sheet of buttered foil until set. Briefly flip it onto the grill to finish.

2. BaconCook thick-cut slices on the grill over low heat. (Place them crosswise so they don’t fall in.) Only do six slices at a time to minimize flare-ups.

3. Halloumi cheeseBrush this firm Middle Eastern cheese with olive oil and sear it directly on the grill. Top lightly with fresh herbs for an appetizer.

4. WatermelonGrill large cubes just until warm to add some smoky character, and then serve with feta in a salad.

5. Brussels sproutsReally! Roasting creates sweetness. Trim, rinse and toss with oil, salt and pepper. Grill over low heat until tender, about 15 minutes.

6. Crustless quicheMix leftovers (bacon and broccoli work well) with cheese and eggs, and cook in a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet over indirect heat.

7. FennelBrush ½-in. (1 cm) slices with oil, then grill until caramelized. Complements meat dishes.

8. Bread puddingMisko makes his award-winning dessert with day-old cinnamon buns in a cast-iron skillet or any oven-ready cookware over indirect heat.

A version of this article appeared in our July/August 2015 issue with the headline "7 things you didn't know you could cook on the barbecue", p. 93.

This article was originally published on Jul 06, 2015