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Table of contents: January 2016


Never hear “I’m bored” again with this four-in-one classic board games set.

This month
The latest toys, apps and entertainment.

The other Orlando. Here’s where to go when you’re not visiting the Happiest Place on Earth.

Party time
Fiesta party. With bright colours and yummy snacks, you’ll quickly transport your guests to warmer climes.

Guard dog
Puppy’s slobbery kisses are good for Baby.

Need to know
New products, studies and stats.

Sneaky celiac. Could an autoimmune disease be behind your kid’s seemingly random health problems?

Pretty simple
Mascara to the rescue. It’s the quickest way to look a little less tired. Check out a few of our favourites.

Your health
No easy answer. Whether to continue taking antidepressants during pregnancy is a wrenching decision.

Advice+Real Life
Help and hacks
Exit strategy. You know how it is: The faster you have to leave, the slower the kids move.

Quick fixes
How to…dry winter boots faster, stop a nosebleed, keep a baby bottle warm, and get babies to take meds.

At our house
Why can’t I stop crying? Claire Tansey knew all about postpartum depression, but surely she didn’t have it.

Restricted access. Shield kids from inappropriate content with a few simple safeguards.

30 fun ways to bust cabin fever. To help you make it through winter, we’ve got a month’s worth of tried-and-true activities your kids will love.

Ian Mendes
All downhill from here. Some Canadian municipalities are banning sledding. Ian Mendes thinks it’s a slippery slope.

A slew of uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms can be eased with some simple DIY tricks.

The right nursing bra is key to keeping your lactating boobs comfortable and healthy.

Flying with a toddler can be turbulent. These tips will help you make it to your destination with fewer tears shed.

Little kid
Losing the fight over screen time? Here are a few ways to get it under control.

Big kid
Here’s what to expect if your kid is referred to an orthodontist.

You vs. poo
Being a parent means becoming positively poo obsessed. Make this guide your first line of defence for all things number two.

More than able
Four parents share what it’s like to raise a family when you have a disability.

When French immersion fails
Full-time French may not be the best choice for all kids.

Room to grow
When it comes to nurseries, create a space they’ll love for years.

Quick recipe
Sparkling “champagne” mocktail. Toast the new year with a booze-free cocktail.

Easy meals
Happy food year! Make your family’s resolutions for the table.

In the pantry
Bolognese three ways. This recipe guarantees the euphoria of having three dinners in the bag.

Just for you
The debate
Do you let your kids taste your wine or beer?

This is your life
Eight reasons your toddler is freaking out.

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