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How to stop a nosebleed

'Tis the season for nosebleeds. Learn how to stop one in three easy steps!

By Today's Parent
TP02_ADV_QuickFixes_Steps01 Illustrations by Grace Cho

1. Contrary to popular belief, don't tilt his head back. Have him lead forward from a sitting or standing position. Don't let him lie down–his head should be above his heart.


2. Apply pressure with your thumb and finger, pinching the soft part of the nose just below the bridge for a few minutes, until bleeding stops. (If it continues after 20 minutes, call your doctor.)


3. Apply petroleum jelly under his nose to keep it moist. Since dry air can cause nosebleeds, consider using a humidifier in your kid's room.

A version of this article appeared in our January 2016 issue with the headline, “How to stop a nosebleed,” p. 34.

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