18 Kids' Hanukkah Pajamas to Light Up Your Life

Bedtime is about to get lit with all these adorable kids' Hanukkah pajamas!

18 Kids' Hanukkah Pajamas to Light Up Your Life

Hanukkah is about the power of miracles, togetherness, and bonding. Each night of the eight-day celebration, families gather to light the menorah, say blessings, and sing songs. This ritual fosters a sense of unity and tradition. And one of the best traditions ever is rounding the crew up for photos in the most adorable kids' Hanukkah pajamas.

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What to look for in the best kids' Hanukkah pajamas

The best kids' Hanukkah pajamas 2023 are made of high quality, soft fabrics like modal or organic cotton and have many positive online reviews. We also love creative patterns with menorahs, dreidels, mouth-watering sufganiyot and on-theme imagery. Comfort, whether from stretch fabric or 100% organic materials, is of utmost importance.


The Children's Place Family Matching Pajamas

The Children's Place Family Matching Pajamas, kids hanukkah pajamas Merchant

The whole family looks oh-so-comfy in these matching blue-hued Hanukkah pajamas. This two-piece, long-sleeved set is available in sizes newborn to 3x-large adult. Each set is sold separately, so get as many (or as few) as you'd like. While they'll fit everyone in your home, just note some sizes may be sold out because they're selling like

We love the fun pattern depicting Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coins), dreidels, menorahs, presents and even sufganiyot (pillowy jelly doughnuts traditionally eaten on Hanukkah.) The 100% cotton material is also a hit with us.

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Jewnicorn Tee

Jewnicorn Tee, hanukkah pajamas Merchant

A great gift for a teenager, this 'Jewnicorn' shirt is available in various different colors. Wear it as a sleep shirt (does anyone love wearing t-shirts as much as teenagers?) and it doubles as an everyday shirt to wear for chuckles when celebrating Jewish family and friends.

Member's Mark Family Hanukkah Pajamas

sams club members mark hanukkah pajamas, best hanukkah pajamas for kids Merchant

Choose from sizes and prints for the whole family, including Fido! We love the cozy blend material that's easy to throw in the wash. These make for gorgeous holiday photos. Choose from a range of children's sizes. The Hanukkah pajamas for mom come in XS through XL.

PJammy Dreidel Robe

PJammy Dreidel Robe, kids hanukkah pajamas Merchant


This Hanukkah-themed robe is meant to be worn over pajamas. We love the vibrant colors and "too cute to resist" dreidel pattern for a festive holiday gift your snuggly toddler will cherish.

Disney Lilo & Stitch Dreidel Tee

lilo and stitch dreidel tshirt, best hanukkah pajamas Merchant

An officially licensed Disney product, if your kid likes the (incredibly underrated, may we add!) cartoon movie Lilo & Stitch, they'll love catching zzz's in this smile-inducing Tee. It's available in oodles of colors, youth and adult sizes because the holiday season is synonymous with matching sleepwear, of course.

Leveret Kids Footie

leveret kids footie, kids hanukkah pajamas Merchant

Coo alert! These footie pajamas are just so charming and sweet. Show off a menorah and dreidel pattern instead of a baby sleep sack this Hanukkah.


We love the touches of blue around the neckline and arms giving it an extra special little touch. Made of 100% cotton, these PJs have a pull-on closure and a tagless label to help protect baby's delicate skin. They're also machine washable and available in several sizes and other prints. We think these are the best Hanukkah pajamas for active babies and younger toddlers.

Disney's Mickey Mouse Icon Shirt

Disney's Mickey Mouse Icon Shirt, best kids hanukkah pajamas Merchant

We love to see that hot latkes action across more than just the dinner table. And we've finally stumbled upon Hanukkah-themed mouse ears with Disney enthusiasts. This shirt is available for both children and adults and is perfect to add to your Disney packing list if you're taking a holiday time trip.

Unique Baby Store's Let Get Lit

Unique Baby Store's Let Get Lit, best kids hanukkah pajamas Merchant

The blend of grey and blue shades complements the Hanukkah motif, and satisfied customers shared that their cuties received numerous compliments while wearing this outfit. The lower portion of the onesie features convenient snap closures for effortless diaper changes, and the entire outfit is made from a combination of 95% Egyptian cotton and 5% stretchy lycra.


That means breathability is totally within reach—the Hanukkah gift for baby's skin that keeps on giving.

Hanna Andersson Long John Pajama Set

Hanna Andersson Long John Pajama Set, kids hanukkah pajamas Merchant

Hanna Andersson is well-known for their very soft fabrics, and their long-sleeved cotton Hanukkah pajamas are a hit with both parents and kids. These pajamas, adorned with blue menorahs, have received over 7,000 reviews, which is quite impressive.

Made from hypoallergenic, gentle materials, these jammies are a thumbs-up choice for even the most delicate baby skin. Plus, the absence of itchy seams ensures added comfort for children, since there's no hardware to contend with. Another win? The vibrant pattern on these pajamas retains vibrant color even after numerous washes.

Inktastic Hanukkah Onesie

Inktastic Hanukkah Onesie, kids hanukkah pajamas Merchant


This sweet long-sleeved onesie is a delightful way to commemorate your baby's first Festival of Lights. Sold in either mauve or blue, this nugget of an outfit runs from sizes newborn to 18 months. Effortlessly pair it with fashionable Hanukkah leggings, bows, hairclips, or socks. Or, leave it alone and let baby wear it as a pajama.

Crafted from 100% cotton, it's machine-washable and features double-needle stitching on the neck, shoulders, legs and sleeves for additional comfort and stretch.

7 Ate 8 Dreidel Onesie

7 Ate 8 Dreidel Onesie, best hanukkah pajamas Merchant

These dreidel onesies—another giggly play on words—are available are available in sizes newborn up to 18 months. They're not just cute but also incredibly soft. Colorful prints from this company are professionally applied to the fabric, so your baby won't even feel them.

Get the camera ready, because photo-worthy cuteness is totally in the cards.

Cute Rascals Custom Pajamas

Cute Rascals Custom Pajamas, hanukkah pajamas Merchant

This sleepwear set lets you add your child's name for an extra dash of charm. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, these gray-striped PJs are extra special because they'll have your child's name printed on them—no matter how unique. Just click on the yellow "personalization" box after you've selected your preferred pajama size.

From there, you pick the font style you like, font color and spell out your child's name—up to 20 letters. All the grandkids will jazz up the family photos in their matching, but personalized, outfits. Too sweet!

Menorah-saurus Tee

Menorah-saurus Tee, hanukkah pajamas Merchant

Grab a T-shirt featuring a Menorah-saurus design for your kiddos, available in sizes from 2T and up. At under $15, we think it's the must-have affordable Hanukkah pajamas bargain of the season. This lightweight Tee offers a classic fit and features a funky, animated dinosaur all set to join in the Hanukkah festivities with your little one and then accompany them into a post-celebration snooze-fest.

Rite Lite's '8 Nights' Romper

Rite Lite's '8 Nights' Romper, hanukkah pajamas Merchant

This popular Judaica brand is all about fun and games for youngsters, and guess what? Aside from toys, they also carry Hanukkah-themed rompers as precious as your toddler. These jammies pay homage to the eight magical nights of Hanukkah with their bright yellow and blue menorah and dreidel patterns.

There's also a center zipper on this romper for hassle-free diaper and clothes changes. Not only do these Hanukkah PJs look cool—they're also practical. Here's to sweeter-than-sufganiyot dreams!

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Wondershop Lion Print

Wondershop Lion Print, best hanukkah pajamas Merchant


Available exclusively on, these toddler pajamas have a lion-inspired design, which is unique to see in the world of Hanukkah jammies. Made of soft and breathable 100 percent cotton, this pajama ensemble consists of a long-sleeve sleep shirt paired with coordinating pants.

Both pieces feature an enchanting lion family engaged in the traditions of Hanukkah, including lighting a menorah and spinning a dreidel. If you love Walmart's selection of sleep gear, check out our list of the best Walmart twin mattress options.

LazyOne Flapjacks Matching Pajamas

LazyOne Flapjacks Matching Pajamas, best hanukkah pajamas Merchant

Embrace the warmth and charm of Hanukkah with these navy, yellow, and white pajamas—the perfect addition to every family member's sleepwear collection. What truly sets these pajamas apart is the endearing rear feature: a cheeky patch or "drop seat" over the bum proudly bearing the message, "Happy Hanukkah!"

This playful detail adds a touch of humor to these warm and toasty jammies made of cotton that fit snugly. They creatively showcase the iconic Hanukkah symbols of menorahs, the star of David and dreidels. Each pair of Flapjacks features a no-fade print, thoughtfully crafted with AZO-free dyes that are non-toxic and more environmentally friendly.

Petite Plume Kids Hanukkah Pajamas

Petite Plume Kids Hanukkah Pajamas, best hanukkah pajamas Merchant

Although these pajamas are on the higher end at nearly $50 per pair, they're worth every penny. View them not just as sleepwear, but as family heirlooms and hand-me-downs. These jammies come with a matching sleep mask so your kiddos can slumber in style. Made of a 50% cotton blend, this one-of-a-kind sleep set is super stylish and adheres to the strict flammability standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Burts Bees Baby Menorah Sleeper Pajamas

Burts Bees Baby Menorah Sleeper Pajamas, best hanukkah pajamas Merchant

We love this pair of pajamas from Burt's Bees Babies thanks to its showy yellow menorah pattern that's actually handpainted. Choose from baby, youth, teen and adults sizes. Heck, they even offer a matching Hanukkah outfit for your dog.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Pajamas

Girls' Mickey Mouse & Friends Hanukkah Pajama Set with Cozy Socks (Blue), best hanukkah pajamas Merchant


This adorable Hanukkah pajamas set features everyone's favorite Disney crew: Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy. Each character has a hand at lighting the menorah and enjoying Hanukkah festivities. The best part of these PJs is the matching striped socks and extended size range.

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This article was originally published on Sep 13, 2023

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