How to Get Free Stuff from Amazon for Families

Free stuff from Amazon? From books to diapers, toys to music—yes, please!

How to Get Free Stuff from Amazon for Families

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Whether you're adding to your newborn checklist, looking for indoor activities or just love a good freebie—this exhaustive list of free stuff from Amazon will surely please.

Get a free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Did you know that Amazon will reward you with a free box of goodies worth over $35 just for signing up? It's totally free and open to pregnant parents and those with already-born little ones. Recent boxes have included some of the best pacifiers for newborns and accessories for the best laundry detergents for sensitive skin and babies.

There are a few steps to follow to get your free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box, but it's easy-peasy and well worth the few minutes.


Get free audiobooks

Whether you love catching up on good reads or just want your little ones to expand their horizons before they even know their letters, the collection of free audiobooks from Amazon is pretty wild. Just sign up for a free trial of Audible Premium Plus, and they'll give you freebies just for exploring. You can cancel at any time before the 30 days are up and never pay a dime.

Not sure what books to start with? Check out the most popular audiobooks for kids on Amazon right now. The list is loaded with some of our favorite Amazon freebies.

Get free cloud storage

If you're already an Amazon Prime member, you have access to 5 GB of free cloud storage from Amazon Drive. You can store all the photos, videos and baby-related files your phone just doesn't have space for—totally free! Not a Prime member yet? Here are 30 days for free.


We love this free item as-is, but you can always upgrade to unlimited storage down the road if you find you've just got too many baby pictures and videos for 5 GB of storage.

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Get free TV channels, movies and entertainment

Use your existing membership or this free 30-day Prime membership to access thousands of top-rated shows, movies and shorts through Prime Video. There are award-winning titles for every age and stage. You can even see whether shows and movies have gotten a positive review from other parents.


Get free music for the whole family

Love free music? Good, because the Amazon Music store is loaded with entirely free songs and albums. Sure, most of the music requires a subscription, but if you're willing to do a little searching, you can find thousands of free titles. Browse by genre, artist and even topics like baby music or toddler songs.

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Free Kindle books for the whole family

If you already have a Kindle e-reader, you can sign up for thousands of free Kindle books through Prime Reading just for being a Prime member. Don't have a Kindle yet? We love this kid-friendly Kindle and this adult Kindle best.

Get a free Amazon Prime account for 30 days


Not sure what all the hype is about and not ready to commit to a paid membership? We get that. And sometimes, you just don't want to spend the cash (we get that, too). You can score all the benefits of Amazon Prime membership with a free 30-day trial that can be canceled at any time. It's enough to give you access to free movies, TV shows, music, e-books and more.

Give them 6 months of Prime for FREE to the student in your life

Older kids and college students are in for the best freebie yet—a whopping free six months of Amazon Prime. It's designed for those ages 18 and up who need a little extra help. Sure, they can use it to get school gear and dorm snacks with two-day shipping, but there's even free homework help, medicine delivery, essentials from Amazon Basics and free movies to catch up on over the weekend.

Update your shipping preferences for Amazon credits

If you're already a Prime member and regular Amazon shopper, you may be able to simply adjust your shipping preferences to score loads of freebies and Amazon credits. It's seriously that simple, and gives you more reason to shop for new toddler bike helmets, kids' mattresses and other must-have goodies.


Depending on your order and where you live, you can receive a $1 credit in Amazon cash just for delaying delivery by a day or two. And you can keep doing it till the cows come home!

Get early releases of new books and hot sellers

Bookworms love taking advantage of Amazon First Reads, the site's free early access offering to select new titles. It's an opportunity to get first dibs on the best titles without ever having to stand in line at a bookstore. It's free for Amazon Prime members and definitely makes you feel like the coolest mom at book club.

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Get free products by writing honest Amazon reviews

If you scour products to read honest reviews before purchasing, you've probably noticed some have words like "Vine Reviews" next to the author's name. This invite-only program is reserved for a select handful of Amazon Prime members who write detailed reviews about the products they buy.


Amazon loves these shoppers so much that they reward them with free products worth loads of cash just to give honest feedback. Again, being on the Amazon Shopper Panel through Amazon Vine is invitation-only, but experts suggest you can continue rating and reviewing products with lots of detail, images and video to catch their attention.

If it works out, Amazon sellers reach out to you with new launches and product hopefuls for you to review thoroughly.

Other free Amazon stuff and perks to take advantage of

  • Select Prime users are eligible for unlimited photo storage for free using Amazon's cloud system
  • Find up to 95% off Amazon products using Facebook groups devoted to the art of Amazon deal hunting, typically these work by exchanging a dramatic coupon code or Amazon gift card if you write reviews with honest product feedback

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This article was originally published on Mar 30, 2023

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