15 Thoughtful Hanukkah Gifts You'll Love A Latke

You'll feel extra light and festive with these thoughtful Hanukkah gifts that honor this miraculous Jewish holiday.

15 Thoughtful Hanukkah Gifts You'll Love A Latke

Choosing game-changing Hanukkah gifts is easier than you think thanks to this carefully-curated list. We've got gifts for Mom, gifts for kids, gifts for Grandma and everyone else on your list. We promise—you'll love these a latke.

Matching Hanukkah PJs for the Family

hanukkah pajamas Merchant

These family-friendly PJs topped our list of the best Hanukkah pajamas for good reason. Aside from being made of easy-to-care-for cotton, they're offered in gender-neutral color tones that suit the whole group. Choose from infant through adult plus sizes and then be sure to snap some pictures!

Hanukkah Silicone Spatula Set

silicone spatula set, thoughtful Hanukkah gifts Merchant

Batter up, it's time to whip up Hanukkah cakes, cookies, babkas and other yummies with these festive silicone spatulas. We love this Hanukkah gift idea because it's useful well beyond the eight nights and is an affordable option.

Crocs Match Your Mini Hanukkah Pack

hanukkah crocs, best hanukkah gift ideas Merchant


Of all the Hanukkah gifts we've seen yet, this festive of set of authentic Crocs is sure to add the most light comfort to your feet. Choose from adult sizes four through 13, and then grab a pair for your littles, too. We're obsessed.

The Dreidel Company Chocolate Candy Milk Chocolate Coins

the dreidel company milk chocolate coins, thoughtful Hanukkah gifts Merchant

Use these mouth-watering chocolate coins, also called "gelt" in Yiddish for intense games of dreidel (also called sivivon). Or, scatter them around a long serving table for your Hanukkah buffet. Either way, these are a guaranteed Hanukkah gift win.

14K Solid Gold Star Of David Necklace

14k star of david necklace, thoughtful Hanukkah gifts Merchant

Show off your Jewish pride this year! We love this eye-catching-yet-dainty gold magen David necklace. The Star of David is said to represent tribal unity, the connection between the earth and the heavens and spiritual abundance. Sounds pretty priceless if you ask us.

Seed + Mill Nostalgia Halva Trio

seed + mill halva gift set, best hanukkah gifts Merchant

Authentically-made and totally kosher halva is one of the best Hanukkah gifts we can think of. Frankly, it's one of the best gifts for new moms, too (that's because sesame seeds are supposed to increase milk supply!). It's vegan, gluten-free and comes in three mouth-watering varieties. Nibble on cardamom, dark chocolate and toasted coconut and one of the most Middle Eastern flavors of all time—pistachio.

Sugarwish Hanukkah Wishes

sugarfish hanukkah wishes, thoughtful Hanukkah gifts Sugarwish

If you don't already know about Sugarwish, consider this our major announcement. It's one of the best gifts to give, loaded with custom-chosen snacks, candies, coffee and even dog treats if you're giving a gift to Fido. The company ships to both the US and Canada, and makes a brilliant choice for just about every other occasion, too.

There are eight compartments in the box—perfect for a treat on each of the nights of Hanukkah.

Leveret Hanukkah Motif Gear for the Family

leveret footed chanukah pajamas, best hanukkah gifts Merchant

Choose from plenty of designs, sizes and styles of Hanukkah loungewear and PJs for the whole family. If you ask us, the styles for babies and toddlers are really the best—complete with chanukias, sufganiyot and sivivon. Grab a set for your doggo, too!

Petco Merry Makings Hanukkah Printed PJs for Pet Parents

petco Hanukkah pajamas for adults, thoughtful Hanukkah gifts Petco

There's no reason your furriest family member should be left out of the Hanukkah fun! These adorable and soft Hanukkah PJs for pets are just the ticket. Woof, woof and a happy Hanukkah to Fido.

DASH Mini Donut Maker Machine

dash mini donut maker, thoughtful Hanukkah gifts Merchant


Donuts are the name of this holiday's game, but the real miracle here is how little oil you'll need to make fresh, homemade batches of sufganiyot. Go for plain, dip them in chocolate or dot them with traditional red jam.

Custom Hebrew Name Necklaces

personalized hebrew name necklaces, hanukkah gifts Merchant

Write any name or special word in Hebrew in the metal of your choice. It's a personalized Hanukkah gift all ages and genders can appreciate and a memorable item they'll treasure. P

Hanukkah Crayons

Hanukkah crayons, thoughtful Hanukkah gifts Etsy

Color this year's Hanukkah festivities in with oodles of fun, because these perfectly-shaped custom crayons ship fast—just in time for the kids to whip up a batch of menorah-themed art.

Happy Challah-Days Tea Towels

happy challahdays tea towels, hanukkah gifts Merchant

These punny tea towels are the perfect addition to any Jewish kitchen—well beyond the Hanukkah season. They add holiday cheer and amusement to oven handles, tablescapes and Mom's apron. Buy a few sets.

Hanukkah Twirl Dress for Kids

kyte baby hanukkah twirl dress, best hanukkah gifts for the whole family Merchant

This soft, cozy Hanukkah twirl dress from Kyte Baby is just what the little one on your list needs to wear for her next menorah-lighting party. As the song goes, gather round the table, we'll give you a treat—dreidels to play with and latkes to eat! Choose from sizes 12 months through 7T.

Joyva Original Jell Rings

joyva jell rings, best hanukkah gift ideas Merchant


These tried-and-true classic confections have had a place at the holiday table for generations. We love the bright, festive packaging and kid-approved, timeless chocolate-and-jelly flavors. Not sure which flavors to try? Get a few. You'll look like a total mensch.

How we chose the best Hanukkah gifts

We considered time-honored traditions, product quality and availability and whether or not an item is considered "kosher" for Hanukkah. While many Hanukkah gift ideas exist, we made sure to include only items that met even stringent observance rules in Judaism.

It was also important for us to consider affordable, budget-friendly Chanukah gifts because giving money is a tradition many families adhere to, giving only small physical gifts.

This article contains affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on our site at no additional cost to you.

This article was originally published on Nov 27, 2023

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