We Found Golden Goose Dupes for Kids: OMG

Golden Goose lookalikes for about $32? Yes, please!

We Found Golden Goose Dupes for Kids: OMG


In a world where keeping up with the Joneses is growing ever out of reach, we're extra-excited to report our discovery of near-perfect Golden Goose dupes for kids. They're even better than light-up shoes, and that's saying a lot.

What are the Blowfish Malibu Golden Goose dupes for kids?

Before anything, we need to discuss the popularity of Golden Goose sneakers. These low-top, effortless-looking shoes are typically adorned with chic, shiny stars on each side as a sort of quiet luxury nod to how much money you've spent.

And all that is well and good, but most of us aren't dropping $600 on sneakers. At least we're not (no judgment if you are!). Especially for little kids bound to outgrow them within months or ruin them on a backyard swing set. We're big on practical spending, especially when kids are little, so you can give them all the educational, developmental and experiential tools they may need.

And that's exactly why we love these gorgeous lookalikes. The Blowfish Malibu Golden Goose dupes are nearly identical and available in a variety of neutral tones kids are bound to love.

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So what makes them so affordable? Glad you asked. For starters, each pair is made with synthetic materials. But the real reason is just that they're not actually Golden Goose sneakers.

They're made to look just like the real deal, but without the hefty price tag. It's all the style without all the spending or fuss.


  • Toddler, little and big kid sizes are available
  • Affordable pricing at roughly $32/pair
  • Chic, elevated styling
  • Bold star logo in glittery and shiny contexts


  • No adult sizing (yet!)
  • Somewhat tricky to find your exact size on the Amazon page

Where to buy Golden Goose sneakers dupes for kids


Right now, the best place to buy the Golden Goose sneaker dupes from Blowfish Malibu is Amazon, where a pair should set you back about $32 US. Shipping is free for Prime members. If you don't already have a Prime membership, you can get one free here (and loads of other free stuff from Amazon).

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