8 Best Swing Sets for Epic Fun Outdoors 2024

Swing into some fun!

8 Best Swing Sets for Epic Fun Outdoors 2024


Summertime is synonymous with trampolines, swimming pools, beach-friendly sandals—and ice cream, of course. There's nothing like backyard fun, which is why you definitely need one of the best swing sets for the kids.

The quality of swing sets has come a long way since the squeaky, heavy metal ones of the 1980s.  There are so many options out there. Finding the best swing set for your family can feel overwhelming, especially because kids' hobbies change so often.  We're here to help you narrow down options.

What to look for in the best swing sets

Jeff Palla, President of Mr. Handyman, a Neighborly company, shares his thoughts on what makes the best backyard swing sets. "Carefully inspect the construction and safety features of the swing set, and look for any sturdy, durable materials and secure attachments listed that can help minimize risk of injuries."

According to Palla, vinyl swing sets have become a more popular over the years "Lower maintenance upkeep is what makes these attractive. The coating of vinyl protects the swing set from wear and tear and the coating makes it splinter-free."

Keep in mind that vinyl swing sets are typically more expensive than wood ones. "Both materials are great options for swing sets as they last long and provide secure structures for kids to play on. On average, a swing set can last about 10 to 20 years, depending on the quality of the material used and the durability of the structure."

Pre-set-up, make sure to place the set on level ground, "In grass that’s away from any low trees or branches, concrete, fences or other obstructions," says Palla. "As you build, make sure to anchor down your swing set and secure it to the ground."

Once completed, inspect the swing set for any safety issues. "Look over the hardware and secure any loose nuts, bolts, ropes or chains. It is also a good idea to teach your kids about the safety rules of the swing set before they first play on it." To add a finishing touch that’s optional to the play area, "Add wood chips or rubber mulch around the swing set that can help cushion falls and prevent the area from becoming muddy after it rains."

Best swing sets 2024

Best overall

Backyard Discovery Beachfront Cedar Swingset

best swing set for kids, backyard discovery cedarwood swing set Merchant

This impressive play unit comes with cool add-ons and little touches. The complete collection includes a covered deck that resembles a treehouse; complete with a pretend telescope and steering wheel, a five-foot-tall climbing wall/ladder, two swings with coated chains, a hanging bar and a mini bench with an awning for extra sun protection. It is a great place for a snack break before they head back to play on the included set of monkey bars, sandbox and an eight-foot long wavy slide.

This set's made of sleek, high-quality cedarwood. "Typically, wood swing sets made from rot-resistant woods like redwood and cedar are pressure-treated so they can withstand the elements of weather," says Palla. Multi-colored, when completed, it weighs approximately 140 pounds s and is recommended for toddlers up to kids age 10.


  • Solid wood at a reasonable price
  • More than 2,100 glowing ratings
  • Comes with plenty of creative add-ons like a telescope
  • Keeps kids busy for hours


  • Takes several hours to assemble and you'll likely need two people

Best budget

Sportspower Arcadia Swing Set

best swing sets for kids, sportspower swing set Merchant

This swing set has got all the bells and whistles and more than 1,300 delightful reviews. Kids love the two non-slip adjustable swings, a metal trapeze bar for hanging around, a two-person glider called a "Glide Ride" and a wide, five-foot-long wavy slide that's blow-molded. If you're wondering what that even means, it is inflated and feels cushioned. Perfect for rough-and-tumble kids.


The swing's handles are easy to grasp and made of vinyl. Unlike chains, they won't pinch or feel scratchy against a child's delicate hands. The metal structure itself is held up by foam-padded legs, so if your kid accidentally hits the sides of the swing set, don't panic—they won't hit into hard metal; the swing set frame is soft but solid.

According to Palla, while vinyl and wood swing sets tend to be more popular nowadays, don't rule out metal just because it is old-school. "Metal is durable and typically cheaper, but is a less popular option since it is prone to rusting."

This swing set is best for kids ages three through eight.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Adjustable swing lengths and heights
  • Meets/exceeds ASTM and CPSIA safety standards
  • Only takes about three hours to set up
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • Metal can rust over time

Best for toddlers

Backyard Discovery Cedar Briarcliff

backyard discovery briarcliff cedarwood swingset for kids, best swing set for kids Merchant

When researching the best swing set for your kids, chances are you want something your youngsters will cherish and use for years. If your curious toddler is ready for a state-of-the-art swing set, check out this bestselling model from Amazon. It ships fast and free with Prime membership, too. Need a free membership? Here's how to score one at no cost plus loads of other free stuff from Amazon


Perfect for pre-schoolers, this compact swing set doesn't come with any overwhelming, fancy attachments but it is brimming with all the basics needed for toddler-level enjoyment and excitement. This structure comes with two belt swings with coated chains to prevent skin pinching, a small deck with a sun-protection canopy, an eight-foot slide and a rock climb ladder.

It is recommended for kids ages three through six, but customers noted you can hang a baby bucket-style swing seat (sold separately) from the swing set rung instead of one of the swings it comes with. This swing set weighs under 200 pounds and comes ready to assemble with a limited warranty.


  • Ideal for younger kids or as a great first toddler swing set
  • Extremely sturdy cedar wood
  • Bright, colorful accents
  • Covered swing chains for added safety
  • Fits in compact yards and tight spaces
  • Under $400 makes this a top-rated budget find


  • Better for younger children, age recommendations suggest eight and under
  • Takes a few hours to set up and may require a helping hand

Best luxury

Best in Backyard Fantasy Treehouse

fantasy tree house swing set, best swing set for kids Merchant

You'll be the talk of the town with this elegant, beautiful wooden swing set on your property. Extra smooth wood promises splinter-free days in the yard while rounded corners and edges ensure a fully safe experience.  The raised treehouse with a closed roof is every child's wildest playtime fantasy and it comes complete with windows kids can peer out of when standing inside. There's even a small wood porch connected to the treehouse.

Your kid's imagination will run wild when they hang out in the treehouse. Consider this luxe model a jungle gym and a play set all in one. It also has two regular swings, a tire swing (which is so underrated!), a swing glider for two, one slide, monkey bars and a trapeze bar with handles and a sturdy climbing rope.


Add-on options include a plank, a lower treehouse, and a twisty slide. Easier than you think to set up, the set's one-two-three frame bracket system, exclusive to the brand, makes set-up and installation a breeze.


  • Fancy and impressive
  • Made of high-quality, smooth wood with a splinter-free finish
  • Realistic-looking cabin treehouse
  • Added tire swing
  • Large enough to accommodate play dates with the whole neighborhood


  • Heavy (weighs a total of 1,830 pounds, though this makes it extra sturdy)

Best with slide

Swing-N-Slide Denali Wooden Outdoor Playset

denali tower swing set, best swing sets for kids Merchant

There's nothing like going weee down a swing set slide. This beautiful wooden play structure has not one, but two, slide attachments. The main Turbo Tube slide is wide, tunnel-style, and the best part—it is twisty! The other slide attachment is a straight, eight-foot-long wavy version.

This wooden swing set also comes with playground-style seat swings, a climbing wall, a ladder, a glider swing for stand and sway play, a shaded play house with a canopy, a flat play deck, a mini picnic table and room for a sandbox. The entire unit looks amazing and impressive in your yard. It has something for everyone!

It comes with all the lumber, accessories and hardware for complete setup, and meets American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) safety standards. It is a fabulous choice for kids who love getting outside.


  • Impressive size and heavy-duty quality construction
  • Two slides vs. the usual one
  • Has loads of amenities and activities for toddlers and kids
  • Excellent grow-with-them design
  • Turbo Tube Slide and Cool Wave Slide both backed by lifetime warranties


  • Assembly is tricky and time-consuming, so have a friend help you or hire a handyman

Best Walmart

KidKraft Ainsley Fort Wooden Outdoor Playset/Swing Set

kidkraft ainsley backyard swing set, best swing set for kids Merchant

Did you know Walmart sells loads of brilliant, high-quality swing sets for kids? In addition to the best cheap twin mattresses and baby cribs, backyard gear for kids is often on sale for way less than $300. This top-rated model from industry leader KidKraft tops our list of Walmart picks. Recommended for kiddos ages three through seven, this petite swing packs a lot of punch and entertains up to four kids at once.

Once set up, kids can enjoy the wave slide, a multi-colored rock climbing wall, and a shaded upper-level clubhouse. There's space for an optional sandbox at the ground level and, of course, bright yellow belt swings.

Made of high-quality, premium stained wood; this is a thumbs-up option for families seeking the perfect first swing set for their crew. Extra cool feature: It has a built-in chalk wall for chalk illustrations!


  • Handsome, classic design your backyard will never tire of
  • Over 3,000 positive reviews
  • Often on sale and discounted
  • Extremely durable


  • Large components require a set of helping hands for assembly

Best saucer

SUPER DEAL 40" Saucer Swing

saucer swing, best swing set for kids Merchant


Older kids still want to sway the day away give this 40-inch saucer swing top ratings. Add it to a larger swing set for kids or hang it from a sturdy tree. Available in multicolor or in solid shades such as purple and blue, this circular swing is made of tear- and water-resistant fabric and commercial-grade steel.

The swing's frame is foam-padded, so it doesn't hurt when kids climb aboard and the fabric's easy to clean. It holds up to 800 pounds and withstands even the harshest of weather conditions. It is rugged, strong and a nice touch to your backyard if you're the one hosting all the neighbor kids. Comes complete with adjustable, thick ropes, hooks, and set-up hardware.


  • Minor assembly takes less than 20 minutes
  • Over 5,000 excellent shopper ratings
  • Great for kids and adults thanks to an expanded age range and weight capacity
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Multiple color offerings
  • Under $40
  • Can be installed beneath a tree or existing swing set


  • Can only fit one or two kids at a time

Best vinyl

YardCraft's Orion Vinyl Playset

yardcraft blue vinyl swing set, best swing set for kids Merchant

Vinyl swing sets tend to be the most expensive. "Vinyl has become more popular over the years thanks to lower maintenance upkeep as the coating of vinyl protects the swing set from wear and tear." But sometimes vinyl works out to be more moderately priced because whimsy add-ons like twisty slides increase the price of other types swing sets—and some wood ones are pricey.

If you're in the market for a high-quality vinyl swing that won't break down or fade after a few years, add this vinyl wonder to the top of your list. It is sleek and elegant in either navy or green, and features two slides (one wavy, one twisty), a rock climbing wall, cargo net, a built-in tic-tac-toe board, two belt swings, one tire swing and a glider swing. Kids love keeping busy on this set's ladder and deck with a triangular roof. It also has a built-in ship wheel and binoculars.


Made of eco-friendly recycled lumber by Amish craftsmen, there's no bolt construction required and because it is vinyl there are no sharp edges, easy wear and tear or rusting.


  • Top-rated and long-lasting
  • Adds a touch of glam to yards
  • Unique amenities like a gaming board and glider swing
  • Fade-resistant
  • Shock absorbing components
  • Holds up for years without worry


  • Pricey
  • Vinyl can get hot in the sun

Palla's best advice for parents in search of the best swing set for their home is don't "cut corners." Safety and well-being of the child should always be a top priority.

"Parents must make sure to follow proper installation guidelines in the structure’s manual to ensure that the set is stable, secure and safe for their kids to use and play on. Cutting corners during set up can lead to compromised structural integrity, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries during playtime," he says.

"The absolute number-one thing parents should look for and prioritize when selecting a swing set for the family is the safety of the structure. Parents need to invest in a swing set structure that is designed and constructed well to ensure their kids are safe playing on it."



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This article was originally published on Aug 08, 2023

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