25 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids 2023

Not sure what to put in your kid's stocking this year? From collectibles to slippers, we've got you covered!

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25 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids 2023

Today's Parent

Maybe we're biased, but we think stockings are the most exciting part of Christmas morning. From treats to small toys—and things you actually need (hello, slippers!)—these tiny bundles prove that good things really do come in small packages. Here are 40 of our favorite stocking stuffers for kids.

Crayola Twistable Crayons

crayola twistables, best stocking stuffers for kids Merchant

We love stocking stuffers for kids that encourage creativity and thought. These Crayola Twistable Crayons are just the ticket, offering hours of artistic fun at the kids' table.

Soapen Kids' Roll-On Hand Soap

soapen, best stocking stuffers for kids Merchant

Make handwashing fun, colorful and exciting with these clever Soapen roll-ons. Choose from bright, fruity scents and then get to work de-germing even the grimiest cold-season palms and fingers. We love these in school classrooms, too.

Scenties Stretch & Sniff Hair Ties

scenties scented hair ties, stocking stuffers for kids Merchant


Budding beauty lovers will thank you profusely when they reach for these watermelon-scented hair ties in their stockings. Pair them with one of the best hair detanglers and kids' makeup kits and watch their faces light up.

Speks Gump Stress Balls

speks gump stress balls, best stocking stuffers for kids Merchant

Squish, such and stretch these sensory toys. They come in a package of three, perfect for one child's stocking stuffers or the perfect stocking stuffers for kids in groups. And, while these may look like ordinary stress balls, we assure you they're not.

The texture is unlike any other ball we've seen at toy shops yet—it's truly the most weirdly soothing texture out there. Consider this one an ideal stocking stuffer for boys, girls, teens and parents, too.

Firefly Action Trolls Movie Toothbrush

firefly toothbrush for kids, stocking stuffers for kids Merchant


Tell the kiddo on your list to get excited, because this interactive Firefly toothbrush makes good oral hygiene more like a game than a chore. It sings, dances and vibrates as it teaches kids to brush in zones for timed increments.

Want to impress them even more? Pair it with one of the best kids toothpaste picks.

Old Navy Holiday Cozy Socks

fuzzy socks with dog print Photo: Courtesy of Old Navy

These fuzzy, adorable kids' stocking stuffers are a perennial hit they'll love cozying up with all winter long. We love how affordable they are—and easy to throw right in the laundry machine. Kids of all ages and stages love warm toes.

Kidamento Iris the Unicorn Digital Camera

kids purple camera with accessories Photo: Courtesy of Kidamento


Giving them one of the best cameras for kids is a priceless Christmas gift they'll treasure for years to come. Cameras spark joy, creativity and mind-engaging fun.

Lalo PAW Patrol Kids' Chopsticks

LALO paw patrol chopsticks for kids, best stocking stuffers for kids Merchant

Your next sushi night is just around the corner, only this time the kids can get in on the action without unsightly rubber bands keeping their chopsticks together. We're obsessed with these fun eating utensils that are both stylish and practical.

They're great stocking stuffers for kids, toddlers and even picky eaters!

Melissa & Doug Pineapple Soft Stacker

plush yellow stacker for baby shaped like a pineapple Photo: Courtesy of Melissa & Doug


There's nothing sweeter than watching your baby play with stacking toys. This pineapple stacker is one of our favorite stocking stuffers for children. It's colorful, cute, fun to play with and affordable.

Pizza Pendant BFF Necklaces

pizza necklaces Merchant

Lego Dots Neon Tiger Bracelet & Bag Tag

bracelet and bag tag gift set Photo: Courtesy of Lego

Plus-Plus Tube - Shark

shark 3D puzzle Photo: Courtesy of Plus Plus

Stacking, building and creating play are all in order with this clever set aimed at young geniuses. It's a brilliant find for Christmas stockings thanks to a long, narrow tube that leaves plenty of room for other goodies.

Hershey Beauty Set

beauty gift set

Photo: Courtesy of Ardene

Pair this stocking stuffer with hair accessories for a full beauty-themed Christmas stocking stuffer for kids. It's one of our budget-friendly top picks for kids who love to play with makeup. If you love this, check out our guide to the best kids' makeup kits.

Material The Kid's Set

kid-sized kitchen utensils and flash cards Photo: Courtesy of Material

This is easily one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids if they're always helping out in the kitchen. It comes with plenty of must-have essentials to really get their hands into the batter, sauce or whatever else. And the handles are perfect for kid-sized hands.

Rubik's Rainbow Ball

ball with coloured orbs Photo: Courtesy of Rubik's

Mind-expanding fun is the name of this year's holiday game with this all-year-round Rubik's ball. It's one of the best gifts for kids who love a challenge (or just need a fun fidget toy).

Squishville Mystery Mini Squishmallow

horse box with small toys inside Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

These squishy, upbeat toys are the perfect addition to their Christmas stockings. They offer loads of fun unwrapping and then hours of adorable, ultra-cute play they'll squeal to their friends about.

Playmobil Wiltopia Young Polar Bear

small package with polar bear Photo: Courtesy of Playmobil

Roblox Mystery Figures Copper Assortment

blocks with figurines on top Photo: Courtesy of Walmart

Petit Lem Tartan Hounds Print on Beige Sleeper

baby onesie with dogs on it Photo: Courtesy of Petit Lem

Sparkle Scratch Art

several sheets of scratch art and stencil show shiny designs Merchant

Yeti Kids' Freestyle Pom Beanie

blue kids beanie with striped mountain design and yellow pompom Photo: Courtesy of Yeti This perfect gift for outdoorsy types pleases both parents and kids in cool-weather climates. It's stylish, affordable and keeps that big brain of theirs warm and protected when the mercury dips. $30,

Ooly Stickiville Stickers

fun and colourful sticker sheets Photo: Courtesy of Ooly This is one of our favorite gift ideas for kids who love art supplies and coloring books. They'll dress up plain pages, binders, notebooks and more with these cheerful stickers.

Meanwhile Back on Earth by Oliver Jeffers

picture book that shows a car in space Merchant Stuff your kids' stockings with fun-to-read books that bring them to another level. If they're best toddler books, reach for this exciting read by Oliver Jeffers. It's a "cosmic view on conflict" that helps grow spirits, minds and fortitude.

Magic Mixies Mixlings

mini purple cauldron that reveals magic mixies Photo: Courtesy of Moose Toys

Copper Pearl Polar Bandana Bibs

set of four bandana bibs in assorted polar prints Photo: Courtesy of Copper Pearl These little bandana bibs for babies and toddlers are just about the cutest mess-fighting stocking fillers we've seen yet. They're some of the best stocking stuffers for kids under 18 months old, and a practical measure grown-ups love too.

Educational Insights Sentence Building Dominoes

tub of 114 double-sided, colored-coded dominoes (228 words) featuring nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and prepositions Photo: Courtesy of Educational Insights This fun stocking stuffer serves long-term learning you'll both feel good about. Colorful, easy-to-handle tiles with sight words make reading less of a chore and more of mini puzzle-like game.

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This article was originally published on Nov 02, 2022

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