Pregnancy tests

Life Early Result Pregnancy Test

Life Early Result Pregnancy Test

Best forWomen looking for a no-frills, simple pregnancy test that offers early results

Top BenefitsResults up to four days before your expected period, budget-friendly price, clear results, easy to grip

ConsiderationsResults must be read within an eight-minute window (2 - 10 minutes after taking the test)

Bottom lineLife Early Result Pregnancy Test is easy to use, offers consistently accurate results, and it has a lower-than-average price point for early pregnancy tests.



  • Results up to 4 days before your expected period
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Clear, helpful instructions


One of life’s more memorable moments is taking an at-home pregnancy test. It’s all the better, then, if that test is simple to use, provides clear results and lets you know if you're pregnant sooner than later. The Life Early Result Pregnancy Test, which can detect pregnancy as early as four days before your expected period, ticks all the boxes. Editors in the Today's Parent Approved lab and testers who tried the product out at home were impressed with the clear instructions and found that the test sticks were very easy to use and provided consistent, accurate results.

Using a pregnancy test is pretty simple, but it is important to read instructions so you know what to do—and what not to do—as well as the time window for the most accurate results. Life's “before you begin” checklist earned a thumbs-up from our editors, as did the large text, the diagram of the test stick and the helpful Q & A section.

This product was easy to use, is similar in comparison to other name-brand tests and offers good value for the price.” —Carrie, mom of two

Like many at-home pregnancy tests, you can either pee on the stick directly (a stream test) for five seconds or use a clean cup to collect your urine for a 20-second dip test. The Life Early Result Pregnancy Test is made of a sturdy plastic that’s easy to grip, with a handle that’s big enough to prevent pee from splashing on your hand—always a plus. The cap has to be placed on the tip and you'll need to place the test on a flat surface as you wait for results to appear. It's worth noting that if the test is negative, the larger results window will appear empty; but you'll know that the test is working from the control window. Plus, one handy feature of this pregnancy test is there's a diagram right on the test stick to show you what a negative result and a positive result look like. Editors and testers found it very easy to distinguish between a positive and a negative result, and none of our testers reported a false negative or false positive.

When you're trying to get pregnant, you can run through a lot of test sticks, so price is something to consider. Women who tried this pregnancy test at home were impressed with the value it offered, with one mom noting that it costs significantly less than other leading brands.


If you're looking for a simple, reliable pregnancy test, Life Early Result Pregnancy Test is a great option. Moms who tried it at home said it's very easy to use and they gave it good to very good ratings for quality and value. They'd gladly recommend it to other women and would buy it themselves—a true endorsement. With its affordable price point and consistently accurate results, you really can't go wrong.

Tech Specs

    Hold in stream for 5 seconds
    Dip tip in a cup of urine for 20 seconds

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