Gender Reveal Party Games: Fun Ideas for Your Big Announcement

Reclaim the gender reveal party as something fun and memorable you can do to welcome your little one into the world. No pyrotechnics needed!

Gender Reveal Party Games: Fun Ideas for Your Big Announcement


Gender reveal parties have been a divisive conversation topic for many years now. It all started when American blogger Jenna Karvunidis cut a cake filled with pink icing in 2008. Since then, what was once a tiny celebration of life turned into a trend that saw many soon-to-be parents attempt to one-up each other with dangerous stunts.

At its core, a gender reveal celebration is a way to share your unborn child's gender with your close friends and family. The festivities do not always have to be flashy. Such a party has the potential to be a sacred moment with your loved ones. We have collected various ideas so that you can reclaim the gender reveal party as something fun and memorable you can do to welcome your little one into the world. No pyrotechnics needed!

Types of Gender Reveal Games

Guessing Games

The Old Wives' Tales for predicting gender guessing game includes a scorecard with many stereotypes that could signal the baby's gender. Many of the questions are very silly, and your party guests should have a good laugh at such instances as "If the dad has gained weight, it must be a boy." The mother-to-be first has to fill out all the questions on the scorecard based on her pregnancy, followed by the rest of the party guests, and the answers are compared with the mother's scorecard. Whoever has the most guesses compared to the mother's scorecard wins! You can find a free printable version of the scorecard here.

The benefit of guessing games is that you may choose not to reveal the gender at all. The game could be a fun icebreaker for a baby shower. Guessing games are a good option if you want to keep it a secret for the big day.

Remember: There's no actual science backing up any of old wives' tales. Plus, the only thing gender tells us is what genitals our kids have, not how they will eventually identify. So it's really just for fun!

Active Games

With all the excitement of a gender reveal, guests can tend to get a bit antsy. So why not have them get some exercise before the big reveal? A Pink or Blue Relay Race is like any normal relay race, except the winner has the honour of revealing the gender, whether popping a balloon or cutting a cake. The obstacles are entirely up to the parents-to-be's discretion. Whether you want eggs balancing on a spoon, flipping cups, or horseshoe throwing, you'll get your party guests working up a sweat. Assemble two teams, each member assigned one section of the race. After a team member completes a section of the race, they tag the next member until they finish.


Popping a balloon to reveal a baby's gender is also a popular active game you can use at your party. There is not much pre-planning to be done, and it ensures that everyone is safe and engaged in the activity. The best way to do a Balloon Pop Reveal is to ask your sonographer to write down your baby's gender, seal it in an envelope and deliver it to a party store so they can fill a balloon with the corresponding coloured confetti.

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Creative Games

A Gender Reveal Scavenger Hunt is a way to show off your creativity and get your party guests thinking. There are a few ways you can coordinate this game. You can have your party guests participate in the hunt the soon-to-be parents set up. Or the parents can do a scavenger set up by the family with the gender reveal surprise at the end. This game also has the option of not revealing the gender and, instead, can be a fun addition to a baby shower.

A Diaper Decorating Contest lets your party guests' inner artists come alive as they are put to the test in creating the most stylish diaper ever! Fabric pens would be the best option for this game. Any other means of decorating may render the diaper unusable for practical use. Of course, if you want these art pieces simply put on display, you can add more elements, such as paint or glitter. Family and friends writing messages on diapers is another option that allows loved ones to encourage the soon-to-be parents during the unfavourable act of changing a diaper. Setting up a round table with all the decorating material allows participants to share a laugh and provide feedback on their creative designs.

Printable Games

Mad Libs is a game everyone is probably familiar with. Your gender reveal party may not be safe from the nonsensical stories that will be created. Print off some baby-themed mad libs for your party group. The parents-to-be will ask each party member a word to be added to the story, and the final product will be read aloud for everyone's enjoyment. The final story sheet can also serve as a special keepsake for the parents-to-be. You can find free printables here.

Playing baby-themed bingo is another popular choice for a baby shower. However, you can take that idea one step further with a gender-reveal version of the game rigged to disclose the big announcement. Programmer William Hoza made a website where your doctor can anonymously input your baby's gender and then generate a bingo game for the day of your party. You play by splitting the party into a boy and girl team, and the generated link will play a game of bingo that is rigged to allow the correct gender to win! You can find the website here.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Gender Reveal Party


Gender reveal parties typically occur after the soon-to-be-parents receive information on their baby's gender following a 20-week ultrasound. You should then consider who will be entrusted with the secret. In some games above, you pass off a secret envelope to someone who will create the surprise. You may also give the secret over to a family member or friend who agrees to plan the entire party.

Picking a theme is always a fun part of any party planning. You may choose the traditional pink and blue colours or go completely gender-neutral; it's up to you. If you and your partner enjoy sports or any other interest, a theme that incorporates what is unique about your family invites a personal touch. Another great addition is incorporating food that fits the theme, such as decorated cupcakes.

Planning ahead of time whether the gender reveal party will be adult-only or an all-ages affair will help you decide on the theme and the activities you choose. A good format is to pick some games first, followed by the last game, which ultimately reveals the gender.

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