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12 baby shower games that won't make you cringe

Baby shower games can be fun. Really. Give these ones a whirl at your next shower.

By Courtney Shea
12 baby shower games that won't make you cringe

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Whether you're the bestie throwing the baby shower or the mom-to-be planning it all out, we've got 11 awesome baby shower ideas that'll make the day extra special. From fun baby shower bingo to crafty activities, these suggestions are sure to bring smiles, laughter, and some touching moments to the party.

And Bingo was his/her Name-o

Not sure what games to play at your baby shower? How about starting with Baby Shower Bingo? You can make your own cards or simply grab some premade ones on Amazon if you're short on time.

What you’ll need: For this baby shower game, you'll want a different baby bingo card per guest and 15 to 20 card markers (cinnamon hearts work). We love this Baby Shower Bingo set.

How to play: As the mom-to-be opens her presents, guests mark-off the corresponding gift pic (blanket, bib, book). Standard Bingo rules apply. Who says gift opening has to be a snooze?

12 baby shower games that won't make you cringe

Bottle boat races

Hear us out: bottle boat races are not only fun but also add a bit of friendly competition and totally match the theme, making the whole event super enjoyable for everyone.

What you’ll need: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options, baby bottles for each guest. Check out these bottles for breastfed babies that she probably has on her newborn checklist anyway!

How to play: It’s the same old game you remember (or would rather forget) from college only now the beer bottles have been replaced with baby bottles. Divide the party into two teams and may the best (tipsy) sailors win!

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Here's another hilarious baby shower idea for you: have a tech-savvy friend whip up some celebrity babies for the parents, and then let everyone take a guess at which 'baby' belongs to the new mom and dad.

What you’ll need: Headshots of mom and pop, bristol board, a tech-savy host or helper.

How to play: Use one of the many “this is your baby” websites to create hypothetical spawn by swapping out the real dad/mom for famous folk like Obama, Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie. Guests try to guess the mystery parent.

Baby wearing big sunglasses Photo: iStockphoto

Advice Book

Make the mom-to-be feel special by transforming the quest for baby tips into an entertaining game at the shower. Provide a journal (or a scrapbox), colorful pens, and invite everyone to share the best baby advice they've ever received. Trust us, she will appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

What you’ll need: A nice journal or scrapbook, a few coloured pens.

How to play: Have each guest write down a piece of parenting advice for the mom-to-be, whether inspirational, heartfelt or funny. You can include quotes or photos. It’ll be a keepsake she can look back on down the road, and maybe even share with her little one.

Pacifier on an open book Photo: iStockphoto

Rock’n… rattle

Bringing a baby shower feel to arts and crafts could be exciting! Why not jazz up some onesies with awesome rock 'n' roll bands, songs, and fun phrases? Plus, it's a win-win ‒ mom gets some playful onesies for the little one.

What you’ll need: Plain onesies, permanent markers, list of rock’n’roll phrases (Live and Let Diaper, Colic Me Maybe, Rage Against the Mashed Peas…). Here's an affordable multipack of onesies that parents love.

How to play: Let your guests unleash their inner rock gods as they customize newborn-to-be-wild onesies. Why go cutesy when you can go cool?

Dad plays with baby with hair spiked up in a mohawk Photo: iStockphoto



Test your celeb baby knowledge with this baby shower game that involves boards and cut-out pics of famous kids. It's a fun guessing game that'll surely bring lots of laughs.

What you’ll need: Bristol board, cut-out pictures of A-list offspring.

How to play: Finally, a fun outlet for all your celeb gossip. Guests earn points for ID-ing celebrity tots and their famous parents. Know your Zumas from your Zaharas, or else!!!

Beyonce sits outside with daughter Blue Ivy in her lap. Photo: @beyonce via Instagram

Don’t say baby

You don't have to break the bank for baby shower games, this one's a winner! Just grab some safety pins, a fun prize, and get ready for a game that'll have everyone asking how you came up with it.

What you’ll need: A safety pin for each guest.

How to play: Hand each guest a safety pin to wear when they arrive. For the duration of the party, if you hear someone else say the word “baby,” you get to steal their pin and wear it. At the end of the shower, the person with the most pins wins a prize.

the word Baby spelled out on top of cupcakes Photo: iStockphoto

Guess the baby

Since baby is bound to be on everyone’s mind, why not try out this game which has guests sharing their baby photos in advance, so they can be printed out and placed onto a large bristol board later. When it's game time, see who can match the baby faces to the right people ‒ the champ with the most matches scores a prize!

What you’ll need: A couple of large bristol boards, pens and paper.

How to play: Have each guest send the hostess a baby photo of themselves in advance of the party so she can print them. Fill the bristol board with photos and number each one. Hang them on the wall, and have everyone guess which baby photo belongs to which guest.

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Time capsule

Adding a unique touch to your baby shower can be as simple as getting your guests to help create a time capsule. All you need is a charming box where everyone can contribute small mementos, snapshots, and little treasures from the year before the bundle of joy arrives.

What you’ll need: A small chest or box. This decorative box comes in a variety of colors and is an affordable choice.

How to play: It’s not so much a game as a cherished keepsake for the baby once she’s all grown up. Email guests in advance and tell them to bring a photo, trinket or souvenir of something big that happened that year. For example, a photo of the biggest chart-topping band of the year or the must-have toy of the year.

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Pin the sperm on the egg

Remember that fun game where we used to pin the tail on the donkey at birthday parties. Well, at a baby shower, it's even more hilarious! Just grab a blindfold, a poster, and get ready for some laughs and photo ops.

What you’ll need: A blindfold, a board. This hilarious pin-the-sperm game is affordable, though you could certainly make your own.

How to play: Same idea as the classic childhood favourite—spin the blindfolded guest round and round and watch them attempt to pin the sperm on the egg.

We’ve got more NSFW baby shower games that guests will love.

Woman wearing a blindfold holds out her hand Photo: iStockphoto

Baby Top 40

Take your baby shower up a notch with this fun musical game! Challenge your guests to think of 40 songs with 'baby' in the title (yep, even 'Baby' by Justin Bieber counts!), and  the guest who can name the most songs wins a prize. Just don't forget to have a great playlist of baby-themed songs playing in the background to create the perfect vibe and maybe give a few clues along the way.

What you’ll need: Paper, pens, a timer.

How to play: Set the timer on your phone (keep it short!) and see which guest can write down the most songs featuring the word “baby” in the title. Bonus: Prepare a “baby”-themed music list in advance to play throughout the party. See how well those guests were paying attention!

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This article was originally published on Apr 24, 2017

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