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8 DIY baby shower favours

Made with love! Add an extra special touch to your bash by sending guests home with these adorable baby shower favours.

8 DIY baby shower favours

Photo: Roberto Caruso

8 DIY baby shower favours


Bonjour, bébé! At the end of your French soiree, send your guests off with a few delectable macarons. This French treat is quite fancy but actually simple to make. Once the macarons have cooled, wrap them in clear boxes (you can find them at your local craft store) and tie them with patterned damask ribbons. Don’t forget to add tags that say “Merci.”

Get the recipe here: Lime Macarons

8 DIY baby shower favoursPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Your English tea party just isn’t complete without some jam. Find out the mama-to-be’s favourite fruit and make a quick batch of jelly for all your guests. Fill pretty jars (most craft stores sell jam jars) with homemade jelly, top the lids with fabric, tie them with ribbon and add a cardstock tag that says “Spread the love.” 

Get the recipe here: Jumbleberry Jam 

8 DIY baby shower favoursPhoto: Chatelaine



Why should the baby be the only one who gets cozy booties? If you knit or crochet (or have a friend who owes you a really big favour), craft some warm slippers for each of your guests. Make sure to match your yarn to the shower’s colour theme. This is especially great for a winter shower. Everyone loves getting cozy with warm socks and hot chocolate.

Get the instructions here: Tootsies Toasters

8 DIY baby shower favoursPhoto: Billy Brown/Ravelry

Coconut Candy Rattles

No matter what your shower theme, these coconut candy rattles make sweet favours. Change the sprinkles and straws to match your baby shower’s theme and colours. Wrap your rattles in cellophane and tie a bow at the centre of each straw. Voila! 

 Get the recipe here: Coconut Candy Rattles

8 DIY baby shower favoursPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Candy-filled baby food jars

Set up a candy bar where your guests can make their own party favours. Collect empty baby food jars and use a little soap and water to remove the labels. Once the jars are dry, add your own stick-on labels, with a cute saying like “So sweet of you to come” (it’s easy to create personalized stickers on sites like Vistaprint). You might also want to paint the lids to match your colour scheme. Now it’s time to set up your candy station! Pick the mom-to-be’s favourite sweets or candies that match your baby shower colours. Fill vases with candy and let guests scoop to their hearts’ content. Aren’t baby showers the sweetest?

Get the instructions here: Rake & Make 

8 DIY baby shower favoursPhoto: Rake & Make


Flower seeds

If the guest of honour is due in spring, give your guests a pack of seeds as a thank-you gift. Find out the new mom’s favourite blooms and tuck a few seeds in brown paper bags. Add your own stickers, with a cute saying like “Thanks for helping baby bloom” or something cheeky like “Plant your own seed.”

Get the instructions here: Evermine 

8 DIY baby shower favoursPhoto: Evermine

Cookie mix

If you’re hosting a milk-and-cookies-themed baby shower (which sounds like the best party ever), let your guests take home treats for later. This DIY cookie mix is easy to make and looks adorable in Mason jars with bottle lids (you can find these lids at craft stores). Tie ribbon around the lids and attach cards with baking instructions (“Bake for nine months at 325°C”). 

Get the instructions here: Seriously Daisies 

8 DIY baby shower favoursPhoto: Seriously Daisies


The best baby shower favours are edible! Making individual cupcakes for guests to take home is easy and totally customizable. Throwing a jungle-themed shower? Make these ele-fun cupcakes. Is Mom expecting a little princess? There’s a cupcake for that! Or make these pretty flower cupcakes, which go with every theme. 

 Get the recipe here: Flower cupcakes

8 DIY baby shower favours

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This article was originally published on Apr 13, 2016

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