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We asked an 8-year-old named Archie for his thoughts on the royal baby name

"It's going to be a popular name now. It makes me happy, but also kind of sad, because I thought my name was special."

Upon hearing the news that Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, had anointed their newborn son with the name Archie, Archie Fielding of Burlington, Ont., said, “Cool!”—and promptly returned his attention to his Nintendo.

After further reflection, Mr. Fielding had some advice for Baby Archie, having lived with the somewhat unusual name for an entire eight-and-a-half years.

How did you feel when you found out today that Prince Harry and Meghan named their baby Archie?
It was kind of cool.

Do you know who they are?
They’re people and they’re royal, which means Prince Harry’s grandma is the Queen.

Why do you think they named him Archie?
After the comic?

Did you ever think you were named for Archie comics?
Maybe…. When I was four.

Do you know why you were named Archie?
Because my great-grandpa was named Archie. Did he eat beans? Because Daddy eats a lot of beans.

Do you have any advice for Archie Windsor for growing up with the name Archie?
If people call you mean things about your name, just ignore them.

Do you think more parents will call their kids Archie from now on?
Yeah. And now it’s going to be a popular name. It makes me happy, but also kind of sad, because I thought my name was special.

kids with heart balloon I asked my three kids what love means to them—here’s what they saidIs your name more or less special now?
A bit more and a bit less.

What’s the most common name at your school?
The most popular name is Jack. There used to be, like, six Jacks in my school. Jack. B.! Jack W.! Jack T.! Jack M.! I can’t even remember them all.

Are there any nicknames baby Archie should anticipate being called?
Probably “Arch.” Or “Archie Parchie.” Because there was a guy named George, and somebody called him “Georgie Porgie.”

What do you think of the name Archibald?
I don’t like that name. If your name was Archibald, everybody would say, “You’re bald!”

The other options Prince Harry and Meghan considered were things like Albert or Arthur.
Archie is better.

If you had a royal baby, what would you name it?
Fonzie! Or Archelot—because it’s like Spamalot. Or maybe Paddington?

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