Top 27 baby names in Prince Edward Island for 2017

Move over, Anne, there's a new 'A' name on this list. How does your babe rank on this list of top baby names in Prince Edward Island?

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With Ava taking the top spot for girls, perhaps we’ll meet Ava of Green Gables one day. On the boys’ side, we’re loving the old-timey names favoured on the Island.

1. Liam
2. Henry, William (tied)
3. Jackson
4. Hudson, Declan (tied)
5. James, Grayson (tied)
6. Thomas, Jacob, Owen, Joseph (tied)​

1. Ava
2. Emma, Elizabeth (tied)
3. Ella
4. Ellie, Sophia, Charlotte (tied)
5. Lilly, Isla (tied)
6. Aubrey, Amelia, Ruby, Willow, Millie, Lydia (tied)

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