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Top 27 baby names in Prince Edward Island for 2017

Move over, Anne, there's a new 'A' name on this list. How does your babe rank on this list of top baby names in Prince Edward Island?

With Ava taking the top spot for girls, perhaps we’ll meet Ava of Green Gables one day. On the boys’ side, we’re loving the old-timey names favoured on the Island.

1. Liam
2. Henry, William (tied)
3. Jackson
4. Hudson, Declan (tied)
5. James, Grayson (tied)
6. Thomas, Jacob, Owen, Joseph (tied)​

1. Ava
2. Emma, Elizabeth (tied)
3. Ella
4. Ellie, Sophia, Charlotte (tied)
5. Lilly, Isla (tied)
6. Aubrey, Amelia, Ruby, Willow, Millie, Lydia (tied)

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