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Top baby names in Canada for 2017

Oh, Canada. A new year, a new slew of top baby names. There's been some movement this year, with reigning name champs taking a fall from the top spots.

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Top baby names in Canada for 2017

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The results are in: These are the top baby names in Canada for 2017. And we've got new names in the top spot. Move over, Liam and Emma!

Rank Boy Girl
1 Benjamin Olivia
2 William Charlotte
3 Logan Sophia
4 Ethan Amelia
5 Oliver Chloe
6 Jacob Evelyn
7 Jack Scarlett
8 Liam Isla
9 Noah Ava
10 Daniel Emma
11 Aiden Isabella
12 Henry Aria
13 Lucas Abigail
14 Lincoln Emily
15 Mason Mia
16 Owen Ella
17 James Elizabeth
18 Joseph Sophie
19 Joshua Brielle
20 Jackson Layla
21 Jace Bridget
22 Eli Ellie
23 Caleb Willow
24 Leo Lilly
25 Ezra Madison
26 Hudson Aubrey
27 Declan Ruby
28 Thomas Millie
29 Grayson Lydia
30 Alexander Harper

So how do we get our lists? Our ranking is compiled from 2017 provincial vital statistics records from the following: Province of British Columbia Communications Services, Manitoba Service, New Brunswick Service, Government of the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia Vital Statistics Service, Ontario Chief Public Health Office, Government of Prince Edward Island, and Government of Saskatchewan.

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