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Top 20 baby names in Saskatchewan for 2015

There'll be tons of little Charlottes and Noahs running around on the playgrounds this year.

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Here are the most popular baby names in Saskatchewan according to government statistics. Did your favourites make the list? Keep checking for more province lists.


1. Liam
Strong-willed warrior

2. Noah
Rest, Peace

3. Benjamin
Son of my Right Hand

4. Lincoln
Town by the pool

5. Lucas
From Lucania

6. William
Strong-willed Warrior

7. Hudson
Son of Hudd

8. Wyatt
Brave in war

9. Hunter
Brave in war

10. Jack
Diminutive form of John or Jackson

11. Jacob

12. Owen
Desire Born

13. Carter
Driver of a Cart

14. Ethan
Firm, Strong

15. Samuel
His name is god

16. Alexander
Defender of the People

17. Logan
From the hollow

18. Grayson
Son of the Grey-Haired One

19. Jackson
Son of Jack

20. Asher
Fortunate, blessed, happy one


1. Olivia
Elf Army

2. Emily
To Strive or Excel or Rival

3. Emma

4. Ava
Like a Bird

5. Avery
Elf Ruler

6. Sophia

7. Zoey

8. Brooklyn
New York Borough

9. Aria
Solo Melody

10. Mia
Of the Sea or Bitter

11. Lily
Lily Flower

12. Hannah

13. Claire

14. Sophie

15. Chloe
Verdant and blooming

16. Addison
Child of Adam

17. Charlotte

18. Ella
Young Girl

19. Isabella
God is my Oath

20. Scarlett

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