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Top 20 baby names in New Brunswick for 2015

From Liam and Jacob, to Emma and Sophia– here are the most popular baby names in New Brunswick.

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This list of top baby names in New Brunswick is based on the province’s government statistics. Did your baby’s name make the cut? We’ll be posting more province name lists so check back soon!


1. Liam
Strong-willed warrior

2. William
Strong-willed Warrior

3. Jacob

4. Noah
Rest, Peace

5. Owen
Desire, Born

6. Benjamin
Son of my Right Hand

7. Samuel
His name is God

8. Logan
From the hollow

9. Jack
God is gracious

10. Oliver
Elf army

11. Jackson
Son of Jack

12. Thomas
A twin

13. Mason
Stone worker

14. Olivier
Olive tree

15. Gabriel
God is my Strength

16. Ethan
Firm, Strong

17. Lucas
From Lucania

18. Nathan
He Gave

19. Isaac
He will laugh

20. Jaxon
Son of Jack


1. Emma

2. Olivia
Elf army

3. Emily
To strive or excel or rival

4. Charlotte

5. Mia
Of the sea or Bitter

6. Sophia

7. Isabella
God is my oath

8. Sadie

9. Madison
Son of Matthew

10. Grace
Grace of God

11. Aria
Solo melody

12. Ellie
Diminutive form of names beginning with El

13. Jade
Green gemstone

14. Ella
Young girl

15. Avery
Elf ruler

16. Aubrey
Noble ruler

17. Lily
Lily flower

18. Audrey
Noble strength

19. Amelia
To strive or excel or rival

20. Ava
Like a bird

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