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The shockingly normal names Kim K almost gave Chicago

The mom-of-three recently went on Ellen to discuss the names she almost picked for her youngest daughter. Plus, what Kanye was up to in the delivery room.

The shockingly normal names Kim K almost gave Chicago

Photo: @kimkardashian via Instagram

When it comes to weird celebrity baby names, Kim Kardashian West is no stranger. She and husband, Kanye West, have three kids together, each with super unique names: North, Saint, and Chicago. However, Kim recently went on Ellen and shared some other names the couple considered for their youngest daughter, and surprisingly, they're pretty normal (which is probably why they got axed, but let's move on).

Kim said in the interview that she really wanted Chicago to have a one-syllable name, like those of her older siblings North and Saint. However, they ended up naming her Chicago in honour of Kanye's hometown, which, Ellen points out, definitely has more than one syllable. Check out the video below to see what monosyllabic names she wanted instead:

If you couldn't watch the video (maybe baby is napping and you don't have headphones, or you're reading this at work and again, don't have headphones), the two monosyllabic names she considered were Jo and Grace. Perfectly normal right? Kim explained that Jo comes from her grandmother's name, Mary Jo (or M.J. as she's known on their TV show). She didn't explain the reasoning behind Grace, but that's such a classically beautiful name it doesn't really need one.

They also considered naming Chicago after Kanye's mom Donda, but that also didn't fit Kim's vision for a one-syllable name. Maybe Don or Dawn could have been a cute alternative, but likely those are still too normal for them. Luckily, Kim appears to be fine with the name they settled on since Chicago's nickname "Chi" fits the bill on the whole one syllable thing.

Also, if you missed the title of that YouTube video (or didn't watch the beginning half of it), you may not know that Kanye was in fact playing board games with his friends while their surrogate was labouring. Not to knock on Kanye, but he definitely didn't heed The Rock's advice for this one (to be fair, Chicago was born before The Rock posted that advice, so we guess we can give Kanye a pass this time). Apparently he was playing an old-school game of Connect Four, which is his favourite game according to Kim. Who knows, maybe if they have a fourth kid, they'll name him Four or maybe Connect. Let's hope not.

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