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15 sweet summer baby names

Congrats, you’re having a summer baby! Now what to name him or her? We’ve rounded up the cutest and most meaningful names for your little one.

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1. August Although it’s traditionally a boy’s name, August is a sweet name for either sex. The month of August gets its name from Emperor Augustus and brings up images of bright, sunny days filled with the sweetest things like ice cream and walks on the beach—a perfect euphemism for your new bundle of joy. This summer baby name is a favourite of Hollywood parents including Charlize Theron, Garth Brooks, Mariska Hargitay and more. The French version is Auguste and was made famous by Edgar Allan Poe’s clever detective character, Auguste Dupin.

2. Eden Eden is a classic summer baby name that has been on the rise in the last few years. It’s a biblical name, in reference to the Garden of Eden, that means “a place of pleasure and delight.” And that’s exactly what your baby is—well, except for the poop and the sleepless nights.

3. Lake Just like the body of water, this unisex name is a modern and refreshing choice. The name was brought into the spotlight by actress Lake Bell, but it’s becoming very popular as a middle name thanks to football player Tom Brady and model Gisele Bundchen, who named their daughter Vivian Lake.

4. Sky What’s more delightful than a bright summer sky? This name is a cheery pick for both boys and girls. Magician David Copperfield chose the name for his daughter and there are also Power Rangers and Transformers called Sky. Some prefer to spell it “Skye” with the silent “e” at the end to make it more feminine. If you have a toddler, they will love this name because Sky is also one of the characters in the show Paw Patrol.

5. June This old-fashioned name was very popular in the 1920s, but it’s slowly back on the rise. The Latin moniker comes from the Roman goddess Juno, who was queen of the gods. Other powerful Junes include June Cleaver and June Carter Cash.

6. Summer This seasonal name gained popularity in the '70s, but it became super trendy thanks to the movie (500) Days of Summer and TV show The OC (who didn’t love Summer Roberts?). With this name, your little one can always remind you of summery days, even in the bitter cold of winter (and during the 100 days of hell).


7. Violet Violet is a sweet summer baby name that comes from the flowering plants called Viola. (It's also one of the prettiest colours around!) This classic name gained popularity in the 2000s thanks to actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, who picked the name for their first child. Recently, fellow actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski also named their second child Violet. It’s also a favourite in children’s books: Violet Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and the unforgettable Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

8. Daisy This energetic name means “day’s eye,” because a daisy opens its petals at daybreak. The pretty name was made most famous by Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby.

9. Lily The Lily is a symbol of innocence, purity and beauty, making this an incredibly meaningful baby name. Originally, Lily was a short form of Lillian, but many parents are now just naming their baby Lily. The name is a favourite of celebrity parents (including actor Kate Beckinsale and singer Phil Collins) and TV sitcom parents (Mitchell and Cam Pritchett of Modern Family). Lily has a cool elegance to it that will grow with your babe.

10. Pearl Pearls are rare, expensive and gorgeous—much like your baby! Pearls are the birthstone for the month of June, making this a lovely summer baby name. Another variation of the name could be Perle with a silent “e.”

11. Isla Isla is a traditional Scottish name, meaning "island." It is short, sweet and has a breezy summer feel to it. Plus, it’s royally approved: Isla is the name of one of the Queen’s great-granddaughters, Isla Elizabeth Phillips. It’s also one of the most popular baby names in the UK.


12. Beach One of our favourite places to go in the summer—the beach! The usage of this name is fairly new, so you'll sure to be ahead of the curve if you name your little guy Beach. An alternate spelling is Beech, like the Beech tree, which symbolizes learning, knowledge, and preservation.

13. River The name river comes from the natural flowing body of water and has a tranquil and calm feeling—which will hopefully transfer to your baby. Traditionally, River has been a male name, but it became more unisex after singer Kelly Clarkson named her daughter River Rose in 2012.

14. Dylan Dylan comes from the Welsh for “tide” or “flow,” making it a cool summer baby name. It has ties to the sea, as Dylan was a legendary sea god. There are many different ways to spell Dylan (Dillan, Dillon and Dilon) but Dylan works for both boys and girls.

15. Hudson When we think of Hudson, we think of bright, sunny days by the bay. It’s a very patriotic name because Hudson’s Bay is both a Canadian body of water and the long-standing department store (making it a great name for your little maple leaf!).

This article was originally published on May 12, 2016

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