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21 meaningful baby names

Joyous. Courageous. Strong. The meanings of these unique baby names reflect the character traits we want our kids to have.

By Candace Alper

What's in a name? Sure, some baby names sound great...until you check their meanings (find out your baby's name meaning here). It's so disappointing to find out your favourite name means something like misery or hopeless. Ugh! It can be challenging to find meaningful baby names you actually like.

So we decided to approach this backward! Here are more than 20 positive characteristics and the unique boys and girls names with that meaning.


1. Blessing Boys: Boone (English), Barak (Arabic)


Girls: Megumi (Japanese)

2. Brave Boy: Aiman (Indian), Akin (Indian), Allard (German), Arelie (Hebrew), Baldwin (German), Barrett (German), Gallagher (Gaelic), Lenny (German), Manvir (Punjabi), Wyatt (English)

Girl: Arelie (Hebrew), Bernadette (German)

3. Cheerful Boys: Corliss (English), Ellery (Latin), Tait (Norse)

Girls: Aliza (Hebrew), Cerena (Latin), Corlissa (English), Hilary (Latin)


4. Courageous Boys: Farrell (irish), Fernanda (Spanish and Portugeuse), Harding (English), Eyal (Hebrew), Reilly (Irish)

Girls: Fernanda (Spanish and Portuguese), Reilly (Irish), Valora (Latin)

5. Fair Boys: Arwyn (Welsh), Finian (Gaelic), Kinley (Gaelic), Winford (Gaelic)

Girls: Adelah (Arabic), Arwen (Welsh), Astrid (Norse), Bianca (Italian), Fiona (Gaelic), Glenys (Welsh), Win (Welsh), Zulaika (Arabic)

6. Faithful Boys: Amnon (Hebrew), Truman (English), Vedha (Sanskrit)


Girls: Emuna (Hebrew)

7. Forgiving Boys: Ian (Hebrew), Raif (Arabic)

Girls: Sameh (Hebrew)

8. Friendly Boys: Dakota (Sioux), Alif (Arabic), Kahil (Arabic)

Girls: Dakota (Sioux), Daminca (French), Alifa (Arabic), Raziya (Swahili)


9. Generous Boys: Miles (Latin), Hiroshi (Japanese), Karim (Arabic), Maddox (Welsh), Nadav (Hebrew), Qasim (Arabic), Hiro (Japanese)

Girls: Eudora (Greek), Lilo (German), Karima (Arabic), Nediva (Hebrew), Samiha (Arabic)

10. Helpful Boys: Cody (English), Mazi (Hebrew), Dumaka (African)

Girls: Cody (English), Yuko (Japanese)

11. Honest Boys: Jati (Indonesian)


Girls: Amena (Celtic), Tamah (Hebrew)

12. Hopeful Boys: Amal (Arabic), Tikva (Hebrew)

Girls: Amal (Arabic), Tikva (Hebrew), Esperanza (Spanish), Nadeah (Russian), Priyasha (Indian)

13. Joyous Boys: Fane (English), Mhina (African), Radim (Slavonic)

Girls: Allegra (Italian), Joyce (Latin), Rena (Hebrew), Aliza (Hebrew), Aoife (Gaelic), Farhanna (Arabic), Prita (Sanskrit), Ramani (Sanskrit), Maeve (Irish)


14. Leader Boys: Eldridge (English), Fallon (Irish), Guy (French), Sahil (Hindi)

Girls: Elva (Irish), Fallon (Irish), Raida (Arabic)

15. Loving Boys: Philo (Greek)

Girls: Annabelle (Latin), Annabella (Spanish), Caron (Welsh), Thandie (South African)

16. Modest Boys: Yasir (Afghan)


Girls: Haidee (English), Vinati (Sanskrit)

17. Peaceful Boys: Frederick (German); Friz (German), Kazuya (Japanese), Manfred (German), Shalev (Hebrew), Shiloh (Hebrew)

Girls: Amani (African), Halyna (Greek), Serena (Female), Shiloh (Hebrew)

18. Protector Boys: Alister (Greek), Asim (Arabic), Eddie (English), Edgar (English), Richmond (German), Sacha (Greek), Warrick (German)

Girls: Asima (Arabic), Bronica (Polish), Bronia (Polish), Sacha (Greek)


19. Sincere Boys: Dushan (Czech), Sadik (Arabic), Saral (Sanskrit)

Girls: Candace (Latin), Sadika (Arabic); Sarala (Sanskrit)

20. Strength Boys: Angus (Gaelic), Barrett (German)

Girls: Audra (English), Bali (Sanskrit), Bedelia (Irish), Bridget (Irish), Britta (Scandinavian), Brycin (Celtic)

21. Trusting Boys: Amin (Arabic)


Girls: Amina (Arabic)

This article was originally published on Jul 14, 2016

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