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25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016

Did Olivia squeeze into the #1 spot this year, or did Emma reclaim the title? Find out which baby girl names were the most popular in 2016!

25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016

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Top 25 baby girl names in Canada for 2016


Last year’s ranking: 1

Emma is on top for the second year in a row, and for good reason. Besides its beautiful meaning of “universal,” it’s the name of strong, feminists like Emma Watson and Emma Stone. Your tiny gal will be independent and fierce, but have a sense of humour.

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Emma StonePhoto: Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock


Last year’s ranking: 2

This classic, but chic, moniker has been the most popular girl names for years—but was topped in 2015 by Emma. This sweet name means “olive tree” and like extending an olive branch, hopefully your little babe will represent peace. 

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Baby girl with white and pink knit hatPhoto: iStockphoto



Last year’s ranking: 5

Princess C moved up to the third spot this year! A regal name, meaning “free,” is the perfect fit for your little princess.

Princess CharlottePhoto: @kensingtonroyal via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 3

Speaking of princesses, your baby girl will share a name with this mini Disney princess. Throughout your daughter’s journey in life, we hope she values honesty, loyalty, compassion and grace—just like Sofia the First.

Sofia the First


Last year’s ranking: 9

If you went with this moniker, your baby girl is going to go far in life. Emily means “to strive or excel.” 

Emily BluntPhoto: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP



Last year’s ranking: 6

Your tiny Chloe might embody the same qualities as actress Chloe Grace Moretz, who’s known for her outspoken and fearless nature. This pretty name means “blooming.” 

Chloe Grace MoretzPhoto: @chloegmoretz via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 7

This simple but timeless name literally means “life.” Reese Witherspoon must’ve loved the meaning as well, since she picked it for her daughter, Ava.

25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016Photo: @reesewitherspoon via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 4

This is another short, but beautiful choice that means “mine” in Italian. Mia is the name of one of the Queen’s great-granddaughers (she's the cutie on the left holding Her Majesty's purse) so this pick has the royal seal of approval. 

25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016Photo: @kensingtonroyal via Instagram



Last year’s ranking: 11

Due to its Hebrew origins, this name has been around for centuries, but recently made a strong comeback. Abigail is great for daddy’s little girl because it means “Joy of the Father.” 

baby girl thinkingPhoto: iStockphoto


Last year’s ranking: 18

Women capable of great things, like Amelia Earhart and the lovable surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy, share this moniker. It makes sense then that this name translates to “strive,” meaning your little babe is going to be very successful. 

Amelia Sheperd from Grey's Anatomy, Caterina ScorsonePhoto: @caterinascorsone via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 10 

Despite its meaning of “weary,” this name is associated with many funny, yet sassy, women, like comedian Leah Remini or our very own deputy editor at Today’s Parent, Leah Rumack

Smiling baby girl with flower headbandPhoto: iStockphoto



Last year’s ranking: 13

Your “noble” gal will likely have a strong sense of wonder and curiosity in life, much like Alice in Wonderland.  

25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016Photo:


Last year’s ranking: 12

Fashionista alert! As the name of fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, your little tyke will surely have great interest (and taste) in fashion. And this name means “winner” or “conqueror.” 

sleeping baby girl with bright pink flower headbandPhoto: iStockphoto


Last year’s ranking: 14

This biblical name gained intense popularity thanks to the Twilight saga. Bella is a lovely nickname, which is Italian for “beautiful.”

Sleeping baby girl with onesiePhoto: iStockphoto



Last year’s ranking: 17

This English name means “pure,” which suits your wee babe. 

Lily CollinsPhoto: @lilyjcollins via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 8

This Greek name took a dip in popularity this year, but it’s still a great name for your little girl because it means “life. 

Zooey DeschanelPhoto: LuMarPhoto


Last year’s ranking: 16

It only makes sense that this name means “fairy maiden”—it is the name of Cinderella, after all! This little belle of the ball will always be the center of your attention. 

sleeping baby girl with pink crochet hatPhoto: iStockphoto



Last year’s ranking: 40

Elizabeth was extra popular this year thanks in part to the Queen’s big year—she turned 90—and the fact that it’s the middle name of her great-granddaugther, Princess Charlotte. This name oozes graciousness, class and grace.  

Queen ElizabethPhoto: @theroyalfamily via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 51

People must have really enjoyed Bad Moms because the name Mila (Mila Kunis starred in the film) became very popular this year. Mila, or Milena if you prefer the full name, means “people’s favour.” 

25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016Photo: REX Features


Last year’s ranking: 15

Known for being a great unisex name, Avery comes from the Old English word meaning “elf.” 

sleeping baby girl holding mom's handPhoto: iStockphoto



Last year’s ranking: 23

The name Evelyn has an old-school-vibe, but it’s become trendy in the last few years. This pretty name means “beautiful bird.” 

sleeping baby girl with pink hat and pink backgroundPhoto: iStockphoto


Last year’s ranking: 34

Sophie rose in popularity thanks to Sophie Trudeau! If you bestow it on your little babe you are giving her a lifetime of “wisdom.” 

25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016Photo: @sophiegregoiretrudeau via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 22

Is your little girl a tiny princess? Perfect because Sara means “princess.” This name is quite classic but dropping the “H” gives it a modern twist. A beloved Sara is the protagonist in the novel A Little Princess.

25 most popular baby girl names in Canada for 2016Photo:



Last year’s ranking: 19

Who’s that girl? It’s Hannah! This Hebrew name means “grace” and one of our favourite Hannahs is Hannah Simone, the star of the hit show, New Girl.

Hannah SimonePhoto: @therealhannahsimone via Instagram


Last year’s ranking: 20 

Your baby will give you so much joy (and a few sleepless nights) so Eva is a fitting name. Eva is a Herbrew name meaning “Giver of Life.” 

Eva LongoriaPhoto: @evalongoria via Instagram

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This article was originally published on Jan 23, 2017

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