How to host an Olympics party

Go for the gold! Throw a bash that will have your kids cheering.

By Sadiya Dendar

Assemble your all-star team for a day of fun and games. As guests arrive, have them make their paper torches. Kick off the opening ceremonies by playing the national anthem and letting the athletes parade around with their torches. Then let the games begin!


Set up stations in your backyard for different events. Kids can try traditional games (long jump, soccer, croquet), or add new ones to the mix. We like frog relay (kids hop like a frog in a race to the finish line); triple jump (measure who can hop, skip and jump the farthest); and a water balloon toss ( judge which kid can throw their balloon the furthest). Have a warm-up station for competitors who are waiting their turn; serve light refreshments as well as Homemade SportAde.

At the closing ceremonies, present each child with a cookie decorated as a medal that has a ribbon strung through it. (See for our gingerbread cookie recipe). Send your winners home with their T-shirt and cookie medal.


Olympic_Sandwich Taste test

Introduce your Olympians to flavours from around the world. Attach mini flags to toothpicks so kids can learn where each dish is from.

Energy boost Have lots of fluids on hand to keep kids revved up. Looking for something simple but homemade? Check out our Superfood Smoothie recipe.

Treat time Ice cupcakes with blue, black, red, yellow and green frosting. Arrange them on a tray in the shape of the famous Olympic rings.


Loot: Purchase plain T-shirts for every child coming to the party. Using non-toxic paint, have them create their own jersey to celebrate the day.


A version of this article appeared in our August 2012 issue under the headline: "Olympic party" (p. 24). 

This article was originally published on Aug 13, 2016

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