There's a My Little Pony hotline to wish your kid a happy holiday!

Attention everypony! You can call this number to let your kids hear a special holiday greeting from their favourite My Little Pony characters.

Between Santa and the (kinda creepy) Elf on the Shelf, keeping the magic alive during the holidays can be a full time job for parents. However, if you’ve got a kid who’s a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Netflix, we’ve got some great news for you! The team behind the hit kids’ show has created a special holiday hotline where kids can hear seasonal greetings from each of the Mane Six. Check it out.

To reach the hotline, simply call 833-249-0483. There your kid will hear a greeting from Princess Celestia herself (so technically there are greetings from seven characters. WOOT!), who then prompts them to pick which of the Mane Six they want to hear from. Santa talking on an old school phone 5 ways your kid can talk to Santa this ChristmasPress 1 for Princess Twilight Sparkle, 2 for Rarity, 3 for Applejack, 4 for Fluttershy, 5 for Rainbow Dash and 6 for Pinkie Pie. All six messages are adorable and have the ponies talking about trying to find the “best gift ever” for their friends, which is a reference to the new holiday special on Netflix.

Just a heads up: in Equestria, they celebrate Hearth Warming, not of Christmas (though it’s pretty similar), so don’t be alarmed when the ponies wish your kid a Happy Hearth Warming instead of the usual holiday greeting.

Because of this, the line will actually stay open until December 31st, so this can also be the perfect way to cheer up a kid who gets sad about Christmas being over. SCORE!

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