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How to teach kids to put shoes on the right feet

Try this simple three-step trick!

By Today's Parent
TP02_QuickFixes_01_660*6602 Illustration by Alex Mathers

1. Gather white masking tape (or painters’ tape) and a black marker.

TP02_QuickFixes_01_660*6603 Illustration by Alex Mathers

2. Cut off two strips of masking tape. Write the first few letters of her name on one piece of tape and the rest of the letters on the other.

TP02_QuickFixes_01_660*6604 Illustration by Alex Mathers

3. Stick the first piece of tape inside the left shoe and the second piece in the right shoe. When you put the shoes side by side, it will spell her name.


Bonus: Her shoes are labelled for school!

A version of this article appeared in our February 2016 issue with the headline, "How to teach kids to put shoes on the right feet," p. 40.

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